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Grand Prairie, TX Self Storage Units

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10ft x 20ft
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Move It Storage | Robinson Rd
2422 Robinson Rd, Grand Prairie, TX 75051
(972) 640-5954
5 x 5
18 /mo
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69 /mo
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171 /mo
10 x 20
171 /mo
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Storage Units in Grand Prairie, TX

At Move It Storage in Grand Prairie, find affordable storage options for every situation. From downsizing and decluttering to simply needing more room, our versatile units cater to all. Conveniently positioned, our facility benefits the residents of Grand Prairie and any other surrounding areas. Start simplifying your life with Move It Storage — come by or reserve your ideal storage space online


The safety of your belongings is our primary focus at Move It Storage in Grand Prairie. Our facility includes essential security features such as on-site security cameras, electronic gated access, a fully fenced perimeter, and ample lighting. We recognize the importance of your possessions and are dedicated to maintaining robust security measures at Move It Storage.


Small and large businesses will find Move It Storage in Grand Prairie an ideal partner for their storage needs. From storing extra inventory to safeguarding important paperwork and furniture, our facility offers a secure and accessible environment. Move It Storage understands the unique storage requirements of businesses and delivers solutions that meet these needs.


Move It Storage recognizes the need for dependable vehicle storage in Grand Prairie. Our facility is well-suited to accommodate your vehicle, offering a secure space for your cherished possessions on wheels. Whether for short-term or long-term storage, Move It Storage provides the flexibility and security you're looking for. We're committed to delivering top-quality storage services, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle is in good hands.   


Our climate controlled storage units in Grand Prairie are focused on protecting your belongings from extreme temperatures. These specialized units aim to maintain a consistent temperature, well-suited for sensitive items during storage. Opt for our climate controlled units when seeking a storage option that offers a secure and safe environment for your temperature-sensitive items.


Move It Storage FAQ 

Do I need Insurance? 

Yes, insurance is a requirement for any storage unit. If you have homeowners or renter's insurance, it may also extend to your storage unit. Please check your coverage with your agent to see whether storage coverage is included or can be added to your policy. If you do not have your insurance, we require SBOA Tenant Insurance for your items. It is recommended that customers utilize our plan even if they are using their homeowners or renter's policy, as it prevents your insurance premiums from going up in the event of a claim and pays out prior to insurance claims. 


Is Month to Month Leasing Offered? 

All leases we offer are month-to-month. Whether you only need storage for a month or longer, there is no need to sign an additional lease to accommodate a greater need. Stay for as long as you will need storage without fear of lengthy commitments. While you are welcome to utilize your storage unit for less than a month, prepayment of one month is required and will not be prorated if your use is less than one month. 


What documents do I need to reserve a storage unit? 

A valid driver's license or Government-issued photo ID is required to rent a unit. 


Is There Anything I Can't Store? 

Certain items cannot be stored in your storage unit at ANY time. Here is the following list of things: 

  • Perishables 
  • Food Items, including canned/sealed goods – even water bottles 
  • Animals 
  • Stolen Property 
  • Hazardous or Flammable Materials 
  • Drugs 
  • Explosives/Firearms/Ammunition 
  • Unregistered Vehicles 
  • People/Yourself, i.e., seeking shelter from a storage unit 
  • Anything Illegal 

How can I pay my rent each month for my storage unit? 

We offer many convenient ways to pay at our locations: automatic payments can be set up, credit card, check, and cash; online, in-person, and phone payments. 


What is the difference between access hours and office hours? 

Access hours are when our customers can access their units and either load or unload them. Office hours are the hours our office is open for business. Things that you may need during office hours include rent payment – should you opt to pay in person – purchase of additional moving supplies, and transferring or vacating a unit.