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Brownsville, TX Self Storage Units

All About Brownsville, TX

Considered to have some of the best weather in the United States, if you’re moving to Brownsville, TX, you can expect the semi-tropical climate to be delightful. If you’ve just arrived in Brownsville and want to know as much as you can to help you get settled in, read on! We’ve got all the basics below to help make your upcoming decisions easier, including information on where to safely store your things in Brownsville while you search for a new place to live!

Life in Brownsville

If a medium-sized city with excellent amenities, a low cost of living, and affordable housing is what you’re looking for, Brownsville, TX, is practically perfect! The overall cost of living index (aka score) is 73.4, over 26% lower than the national average, which is phenomenal. Most of the thanks go to housing and real estate costs, which are a whopping 46% lower than the rest of the United States! In fact, except for healthcare, every cost index in Brownsville is more affordable than the U.S. average!

As for jobs, job growth in Brownsville has been positive for several years, increasing by 1.2% last year alone. The public school system in Brownsville is rated highly, the weather is gorgeous most of the year, and Brownsville is also rated well for families. Plus, the commute time from most Brownsville neighborhoods is a dream at just over 20 minutes. In short, life in Brownsville, Texas, is very attractive.

Things to Do in Brownsville

Since it’s right next door to Mexico and minutes from the Gulf, there are more things to do in Brownsville than you can imagine. Plus, with a heavy Mexican influence, the cuisine, and restaurants here are phenomenal! Below are just a few of the best things to do, see and enjoy in the city, and some of the best eateries.

Brownsville Farmers Market

Held every Saturday in Linear Park, the Brownsville Farmers Market features some of the best local fruits and veggies you’ve ever tasted. Many homemade goods are for sale, making this your Saturday must-go place.


Simply put, Madeira is one of the most delicious restaurants in the city, serving some of the best Mexican and American food. Plus, the ambiance is superb, and the staff is as pleasant as a warm Brownsville afternoon.

The Gladys Porter Zoo

This beautiful zoo on 31 acres features some fantastic animals. What we truly appreciate, however, is the wholehearted conservation and education effort found here. (The spectacular 30,000-gallon aquarium isn’t half bad, either.)

Dirty Al’s Seafood Market & Cajun Kitchen

Here on the Gulf Coast, the seafood is the best! At Dirty Al’s, it’s served up hot and delicious! (We guarantee you'll love the crab patties, clam chowder, and cheesecake!)

Monte Bella Bike Trail

If exciting off-road biking is your jam, the 6 miles of trails the Monte Bella Bike Trail offers will be a fast-paced, rugged, and exciting adventure every time!

Black Bear Diner

Yes, it’s a chain, but don't let that stop you. The Black Bear Diner serves some great food 7 days a week!

Brownsville Honorable Mentions:

  • The Arts Center
  • Lola’s Bistro
  • Costumes of the Americas Museum
  • La Pampa Restaurant
  • Camille Lightner Playhouse
  • Emilia’s Restaurant
  • Commemorative Air Force Museum
  • Oyster Bar
  • Children’s Museum of Brownsville
  • Palo Alto Battlefield National Historic Site

Only in Brownsville, TX

One of the best festivals in southern Texas is, without a doubt the Que Padre Latin Dance Festival! It’s held annually on nearby South Padre Island and should not be missed! Swinging Latin music, live shows, beach parties, and celebrity dancers right on the beach? Yes, please! Held the last weekend in June, there’s so much to do and see you’ll need the entire weekend just to enjoy it all!

Move It Self Storage in Brownsville, TX

If you’ve just arrived and need to find a storage unit near you in Brownsville, you’ll be pleased to know that Move It Self Storage has 7 locations in the city. All 7 have safe, clean, and secure storage units in Brownsville, TX, and offer several different storage types including car storage and boat storage.

If you need storage tools and tips, Move It Self Storage has those for you and friendly on-site managers to answer any questions. Click the link, reserve a storage unit online, or visit the closest Move It Self Storage facility to get started. Until then, welcome to Brownsville, TX! We’re glad you decided to call Brownsville home!