Vehicle Storage


At Move It, we have several different types of vehicle storage options to choose from. As always, you should think carefully about what you want to store – just like family heirlooms need climate controlled storage, certain vehicles need protection from the elements, too. Remember to check with the manager at your nearest Move It location to see which options are available. 

Open Parking

This is probably our most budget-friendly option. We’ll assign your vehicle a parking space in our secure, uncovered lot. It’s convenient for larger vehicles like RVs and boats that you may want to use often, but it offers the least protection from the elements. Open parking is perfect for short-term vehicle storage. 

Covered Parking

For a little extra money, you can store your vehicle in one of our covered parking areas. Think of it like a very large carport – the roof will shield your vehicle from sun and hail damage, but without walls, it’s still vulnerable to things like wind and dust. Still, this is a good budget option for long-term vehicle storage. 

Enclosed Parking

If you’ll do anything to keep your classic car or prized speedboat protected, our enclosed parking is for you. Yes, it’s the most expensive vehicle storage option we have, but it also offers a fully-enclosed storage area with a lockable bay door. Our enclosed parking spaces normally range from 10’x20’ all the way up to 14’x45’, with ceilings from 8’ to as high as 15’ at some facilities. 

Additional Features

Remember, you should always check with your local Move It facility manager to see what other features they have available. Some locations offer spaces with electrical access so you can charge the battery in your boat or RV. Also, certain facilities have washing and dumping stations, bagged ice, and propane exchange service. It pays to check before you go! 

Why Should I Store My Vehicle?

In our experience, customers are interested in vehicle storage for lots of reasons. Their neighborhood has a strict Homeowners Association so they can’t store their vehicles or utility trailers at home. They have a boat, RV or other “toys” and no room for them at home, so they keep them at our facility between trips. We also do a lot of business during the Texas hail season, and customers with fancy cars want to make sure they’re protected. But probably our most frequent customers are companies with landscaping trailers who show up every single day to take them out on the job.

We offer flexible storage features like month-to-month leasing and a wide range of access hours, plus security features like video surveillance and gated access with your own unique door code. It’s no wonder why people want to store their vehicles with Move It – we make it fast and easy while giving you peace of mind. 

Tips from a Vehicle Storage Professional

I’ve worked in the storage industry for over 15 years, so when it comes to customers wanting to store their vehicles, we’ve seen it all. If you’re looking for a place to park your vehicle, here are a couple of things to keep in mind: 

  • Make sure your vehicle runs. This is a storage facility, not a salvage yard. Vehicles parked on trailers are fine.
  • If you’re seeking long-term parking, make sure the tires are fully inflated to prevent flat spots from forming (or better yet, put the vehicle up on jack stands).
  • Unit sizes come in increments of 5 feet. You should always give yourself more room than you think you’ll need, so remember to round up. For example, if your vehicle is 23-feet long, you’ll need a 25-foot space.
  • Tour the facility first. Pictures may not be the same as the actual parking space. Make a note whether the ground is gravel or concrete, if there are any hills on the property, etc.
  • Make sure you have renters insurance. There’s nothing worse than showing up on moving day and not being able to store your stuff because of paperwork.
  • Meet the manager and ask questions. What are their hours? Is it secure? How do you get access? Is there a unique door code?

Keep Your Vehicle Safe and Sound with Move It

Storing a vehicle with Move It Self Storage might sound complicated, but it’s pretty black and white. If you’re interested in learning more about our facility storage options, please give us a call and we’ll help you with all the information you need. You can also stop by for a tour and see for yourself. We think Move It is a great company with great people, and we're proud to help customers find storage solutions at our clean and safe facilities.

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