Interview: Storage Insurance with District Manager Tiffany Nichols

November 3, 2017

Are you a first-time self storage renter? Have you asked yourself, “What exactly is storage insurance?” Well, wonder no more. We interviewed District Manager Tiffany Nichols to get to the bottom of this storage insurance mystery. Tiffany oversees 10 Move It Self Storage facilities as the district manager for the Central Texas region, and here’s what she’s learned from her six years in the storage industry.


What exactly is storage insurance, and why do tenants need it?


Storage insurance protects customers and their belongings in case anything out of the ordinary were to happen. That could mean theft, natural disasters, or fire damage. Also, the insurance we offer at Move It covers vermin and other pests, which is unusual for typical storage insurance policies to cover. However, we felt it was important to provide an extra layer of protection for our customers.


Does Move It require renters to have storage insurance?


Yes, all renters are required to provide proof of insurance at time of rental. However, we want to keep things flexible, so we allow customers the option to use their existing homeowners or renters insurance if they want. All that’s needed is a copy of the insurance declaration page before signing the lease.


We also offer our own storage insurance policies for all our customers. By partnering with SafeStor, we provide four different tiers of coverage, from $1000 all the way up to $15,000. The best part is that tenants can switch between insurance providers whenever they want, so long as they provide proof of insurance. It’s just another way we strive to make renting as simple as possible.


Do you have any experience with a tenant filing an insurance claim?


Luckily, our facilities are designed to prevent most causes of damage, so I haven’t had much experience with it as a manager. But accidents do happen. I remember one customer had to file a water damage claim, and their policy was with SafeStor. The insurance provider was very reliable and quick to respond – as store manager, I worked with them to verify the claim, and they reimbursed the customer soon after. The whole process was quick and easy, which is another reason why we recommend them to our renters.


What steps does Move It take to make sure my belongings are protected?


Our facilities offer state-of-the-art security features like 24-hour video surveillance, gated access with unique gate codes, and many facility managers actually live on-site to keep an eye on things around the clock. We also work to educate our customers on how to choose the right type of lock for their unit – one that won’t be susceptible to bolt cutters. You can find out more about our security features on the Storage Security page of our website.


Are boats or other vehicles covered by storage insurance?


This can be a bit confusing for most tenants. While in storage, the items kept inside your car, boat, or RV are covered by storage insurance, but the vehicle itself is not. To prevent complications with this rule, we require separate proof of insurance when storing vehicles. And in those cases, we encourage customers to use their own insurance instead of SafeStor to cover the vehicles themselves. If this all sounds confusing, you can always ask one of our facility managers to help walk you through the process.


Do you offer any special types of storage units that provide extra protection for stored items?


It depends on what a customer wants to store. If they have delicate items like electronics, leather clothing or furniture, or important family heirlooms, we always recommend renting a climate controlled storage unit. These units keep the interior at a constant temperature and humidity, while our normal, drive-up units do not. This is especially important here in central Texas, where it can be 100 degrees one day and rainy the next.


Any last pieces of advice for potential customers?


Even if you have your own homeowners or renters insurance, I highly recommend switching to SafeStor while renting with us. For one, it’s a better value: They offer a flat $100 deductible, which means you’ll always know exactly what you’ll have to pay when filing a claim. Also, with SafeStor, your policy won’t change if for some reason you have to file multiple claims. That’s not always the case with other insurance providers, where your deductible might increase based on filing multiple claims.


At Move It, we think renting should be as quick and simple as possible, and that includes storage insurance.


Move It Self Storage Has You Covered


If you still have questions about which storage insurance policy is right for you, make sure to check out our Storage Insurance page. You can also contact your local Move It facility and speak with one of our helpful managers. Don’t waste another minute wondering – contact us today!

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