Tips For Shed Organization

Shed full of various belongings

When it comes to home storage, having a shed in your backyard can be a lifesaver. Sheds, not surprisingly, allow you to store various items that usually take up valuable space in your garage. Things like outdoor furniture, barbecue grills, lawnmowers, and lawn care tools can be stored in your shed instead, freeing up valuable … Read more

Storing BBQ Equipment For the Winter Time

Person grilling meat on a grill

Barbecuing is an undeniably American activity that’s loved across the country, with millions using their favorite barbecue equipment to create delicious meals for their families. From the famous “Big Green Egg” to smokers, broilers, and more, everyone has their favorite BBQ gear! At the end of the barbecuing season, however, storing your BBQ equipment is … Read more

Top Tips for Visiting Destin, FL, During the Winter

happy old couple in ocean in Destin, FL

Renowned for its gorgeous beaches, picturesque views, and busy tourist season, Destin, Florida, is a charming and relatively underrated winter destination. If you’re planning to visit Destin during the winter, knowing what to expect during your trip, as far as weather, attractions, dining, and so forth are concerned, can be quite helpful. Lucky for you, … Read more

A Day in Houston – How to Enjoy This City if You Only Have 1 Day

highway into a Houston at night

The fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston, Texas, is where history and modern technology meet. Vibrant, massive, and filled with compelling and inspiring activities, Houston would take weeks to explore thoroughly. However, if you only have one day to see Houston, the information below can help you decide what to do with your time … Read more

Best Organization Tips for a Storage Unit

woman in front of a storage unit with blue doors and boxes next to her

8 Excellent Tips for Organizing a Storage Unit Like a Pro  Renting a storage unit is easy with Move It Self Storage. However, keeping their storage unit organized is not so easy for many folks. Like a disorganized kitchen or garage, when your storage unit is a mess, finding specific items forces you to stack, … Read more

Best Things to Do in Mobile, AL

pier on the ocean with a sunset

Mobile, Alabama, is considered an important cultural center on the Gulf Coast, with a magnificent collection of historic buildings. It’s also the home of the oldest Mardi Gras event in the U.S., drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. If that’s you and you’re wondering what else to do in this amazing city, this article … Read more

Moving to Dothan, AL Guide

family running in a field with arms open

Complete Moving Guide to Dothan, Alabama   With deep roots in the past, Dothan today is a progressive city and one of the biggest centers of industry and commerce in the coveted Wiregrass region of Alabama. Dothan is also a center for recreation and is a highly diverse and hospitable place to live, work, and raise … Read more

Common Items People Store

Couple packing various items into boxes

It’s a common problem seen by millions of American homeowners; a lack of usable space. Not having enough space to store things you want or need to keep (but don’t use every day) is one of the most common issues in America and one of the main driving factors behind the rise in self storage … Read more

How Big is a 5×10 Storage Unit?

Interior storage units with red doors

When it comes to self storage, one of the first questions most people have is how large a storage unit they need to fit everything they wish to store. At Move It Storage, we have a wide variety of self storage units starting at 5×5 and going to 25×30 storage units, sometimes larger. The information … Read more