Why You Should Move to Grand Prairie, Texas

Dallas Skyline with reflection in water

Are you thinking about moving to Grand Prairie, Texas? If yes, you likely have many questions about living in this vibrant Texas town. Grand Prairie is situated within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and has become a sought-after city for folks seeking a balance between quality of life and affordability. To give you more insight into … Read more

How Big is a 5×5 Storage Unit?

Smaller indoor storage unit

If you’re a college student, an empty nester, or someone with a few things you need to store in a safe location, a 5×5 storage unit might be your best choice. A 5×5 storage unit is small but still holds a surprising amount of stuff. How much stuff does it hold? That’s what we’ll take … Read more

10 Reasons Why People Love Living in Memphis, TN

View of Memphis Skyline during a sunset

One trip to Memphis, Tennessee, and you’ll realize that the city resonates with culture, music, and a strong sense of community. This is a city where you’ll hear the soulful sounds of blues in the air, smell delicious barbecue for miles around, and bask in the warm hospitality of the south. For those folks who … Read more

Top Tips for Visiting Destin, FL, During the Winter

happy old couple in ocean in Destin, FL

Renowned for its gorgeous beaches, picturesque views, and busy tourist season, Destin, Florida, is a charming and relatively underrated winter destination. If you’re planning to visit Destin during the winter, knowing what to expect during your trip, as far as weather, attractions, dining, and so forth are concerned, can be quite helpful. Lucky for you, … Read more

NSA Storage and Feeding America Join Together for the Holidays

Senior citizen at a food donation area with mask on

Food brings people together, especially during the holidays. In a few weeks, many of us will gather with our families to enjoy a special meal. But as we gather around a table loaded with our favorite holiday foods, we know that it isn’t just about food–it’s about shared joy, gratitude, generosity and community.  Food nourishes … Read more

A Day in Houston – How to Enjoy This City if You Only Have 1 Day

highway into a Houston at night

The fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston, Texas, is where history and modern technology meet. Vibrant, massive, and filled with compelling and inspiring activities, Houston would take weeks to explore thoroughly. However, if you only have one day to see Houston, the information below can help you decide what to do with your time … Read more

Comprehensive Moving Guide to McAllen Texas

McAllen Texas on map with red thumbtack

With an inviting blend of natural beauty, economic vitality, and rich culture, McAllen, Texas, is considered one of the top towns in the state. A haven of art and culture with a strong economy, McAllen also has a rich Mexican influence and is known for its advanced healthcare facilities, making it a medical tourism hub. … Read more

Top 10 Things to Do in Harlingen, Texas

Elderly couple laughing and looking through binoculars

Are you moving to Harlingen, Texas? If so, there’s a good chance you’re looking for information on the activities, entertainment, and exciting things to do in this charming southern Texas town. That’s because Harlingen is located in the Rio Grande Valley, an area of Texas well known for its tropical birdwatching, beautiful trails, and abundant … Read more

Top Reasons People are Moving to Mission, Texas

Words Mission written on a map

Known as both the “Home of the Grapefruit” and the “Tourist Mecca of South Texas,” Mission is a mid-size city with an excellent quality of life. Mission, TX,  offers good schools, lots of green spaces, warm weather year-round, and an affordable cost of living. It could be better, but Mission is above average as American … Read more

Guide on Moving to Corpus Christi, Texas

Skyline view of Corpus Christi, Texas waterfront during the nighttime

Are you moving to Corpus Christi, TX, in the near future? If so, gathering information about your soon-to-be new town can be extremely helpful. Knowing what the weather is like in Corpus Christi can help you prepare your wardrobe, and knowing the cost of living can help you create a workable budget. At Move It … Read more