Moving to Dothan, AL Guide

Complete Moving Guide to Dothan, Alabama  

With deep roots in the past, Dothan today is a progressive city and one of the biggest centers of industry and commerce in the coveted Wiregrass region of Alabama. Dothan is also a center for recreation and is a highly diverse and hospitable place to live, work, and raise a family. If you’re moving to Dothan and need advice, tips, and insights about how to do it with less stress and fewer bumps in the road, Move It Self Storage can help! Our Complete Moving Guide to Dothan, AL, is packed with valuable information to help you arrive in great shape, ready to embrace your new life in this charming southern city!  

Planning Your Move to Dothan, AL  

It’s essential you plan your move to Dothan well and well in advance so that your stress levels stay below the boiling point. Below are some tips for doing just that.  

1. Start planning your move 6 to 8 weeks ahead of time. Trust us. You’ll need the time to get everything in order and be ready when moving day arrives. The earlier you start, the better.  

2. Decide who will pack and move your belongings.  

  • If you hire a mover, start getting moving estimates. If you plan to do it yourself, do 2 things:  
  • Reserve a moving truck at least a month before moving day.  
  • Start gathering packing supplies and packing your things. (Move It sells packing and moving supplies at most of our self-storage locations.)  

3. Contact your utility providers and schedule a turn-off date. Most providers today require a 30-day notice! They include:  

  • Gas  
  • Electric  
  • Garbage  
  • Internet  
  • Cable TV  
  • Water  
  • Gym and other memberships  

4. Gather all necessary paperwork and documents.  

  • School transcripts  
  • Vehicle titles  
  • Medical, dental, and veterinary records  
  • Professional licenses  
  • Tax records  

5. Sell, donate, or throw away everything you don’t need, want or use.  

Remember, the more you take, the more your move will cost, and vice versa. Have a yard sale, donate things to Goodwill, or throw them away if they’re completely unusable. (This could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in moving fees!)  

6. Reserve a storage unit in Dothan from Move It Storage.  

No deposit and no credit card are needed to ensure your storage unit is ready when you and your movers arrive.  

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What’s the Weather Like in Dothan?  

The last thing you want to do is arrive in Dothan and not be prepared for what Mother Nature throws at you. That includes having the correct clothing to stay warm or cool and comfortable. Below is a quick look at what Dothan offers, weather-wise, in Summer and Winter.  

Dothan Summer Weather  

Dothan’s comfort index in summer is an uncomfortable 4.1/10 thanks to sweltering heat and high humidity. You’ll want very light clothing, including shorts, sandals, t-shirts, and an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays. Bug spray is a good idea, also, as Dothan has gnats and mosquitoes aplenty. (By the way, the lower the number, the less comfortable the weather.)  

Dothan Winter Weather  

The comfort index in the wintertime is 7.7/10 in Dothan, which means it’s pleasant and comfortable. Temperatures are in the upper 60s to mid-70s the entire season, and the humidity is much less oppressive. However, it gets chilly at night, so a mid-weight jacket might be needed.  

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The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Dothan, AL  

Dothan, AL, has many attractive, quiet, safe, and inviting neighborhoods. We recommend looking around before settling on your favorite, as all have their particular charms.  

  • Stonebridge Estates- Some of the best schools in the city.  
  • Wiregrass Hills- Clean, quiet, and connected to good schools.  
  • Kelly Springs- Walkable, safe, and close to downtown.  
  • Woodsvale- Excellent school district and beautiful streets and homes  
  • Trawick Road Estates- Good schools and a clean, safe neighborhood  

What are the 10 Best Things to Do in Dothan, AL?  

You’ll want to have fun, be entertained, and enjoy life while you live in Dothan, which means knowing what’s available in the city. Below we’ve got a list of the 10 Best Things to Do in Dothan to get you started!  

  1. Take the family on a fun day out at Adventureland  
  2. Witness the grandeur of the opera at the Dothan Opera House  
  3. Hit the links at Dothan National Golf Club  
  4. Fill up on peanuts and other fun foods at the National Peanut Festival  
  5. Enjoy nature at the Dothan Area Botanical Gardens  
  6. Buy local produce, foods, and specialties at the Poplar Head Farmers Market.  
  7. Go on a Mural Walk to see Dothan’s Massive Murals  
  8. Cool off with the fam at Water World Water Park  
  9. See a drive-in movie at the Continental Drive-In  
  10. Skate to your heart’s content at the Fun Zone Center  

What’s the Cost of Living Like in Dothan, AL?  

Is Dothan an affordable place to live and buy a home? You’ll be glad to know that, yes, it is! The median home price here is $181,400, nearly $140,000 less than the U.S. average! Indeed, the only cost index above the average is healthcare, about 20% higher than similar cities to Dothan. Utilities and groceries are slightly less, while transportation and housing costs are very affordable!  

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Let Move It Storage Help You Move to Dothan and Store Your Things Safely  

Moving is a stressful task, even under the best of circumstances. To help make your move to Dothan less stressful and more successful, Move It Storage offers clean, safe, and secure storage units in Dothan, AL. Not sure what size storage unit to reserve? Use our storage unit size guide, and you’ll be all set! Move It also has rental trucks to help you move and moving supplies to help you pack and keep your things safe. When you’re ready, reserve your storage unit in Dothan, AL, and it will be ready when you and your movers arrive! At Move It, we make storing your things in Dothan easy and get your new life off to a great start!