Personal Storage

Although I’m a Texan at heart, I’m no stranger to the southern hospitality that thrives here in Gonzales, Louisiana, and throughout all of our Move It locations. No matter where you live, I’ve found there’s always one thing people have in common: They have a lot of stuff and don’t know what to do with it. That’s where Move It Self Storage steps in to help.

During my time here at Move It, my role as property manager has been to make sure everything runs efficiently, our units are clean, and our customers feel like they’re at home. That also means I’ve helped countless customers find the perfect storage unit and discover how to use it to their advantage.

How You Can Use Personal Storage

Think of a self storage unit as a safe place – besides your home – where you can keep all your stuff without cluttering up space. It’s as simple as that. Furniture, holiday decorations, lawn mowers, tools, vehicles – there’s no end to what you can store here. I’ve even seen people store donations they were collecting to help others. Whether you store your things for a long time or are traveling for work and need a safe place to keep your vehicle, Move It is a great and affordable solution. Some other ways people use personal storage include:
     • Decluttering
     • Organizing
     • Collecting
     • Personal Projects
     • Vehicle, RV, or Boat Parking
     • Moving
     • Home Renovations

Insider Tips from Move It

When it comes to personal storage, there are all kinds of tips and tricks out there. But by helping others find storage firsthand, I’ve found there are some common issues people run into, or things about self storage they didn’t know before walking through our doors. Here are some of the best pieces of advice I’ve given to renters:

1. You will always have more stuff than you think.

If you think you need a certain size, go up to the next one. We typically recommend at least 10x20. What renters don’t think about is being able to get to their things without taking everything out, or they end up having so much stuff it falls out each time they open their unit. It never hurts to have a little more space than you need to work with. That especially rings true if you know you have to go in and out of your unit a lot.

2. Take advantage of other self storage features.

When you rent a storage unit with Move It, you’re gaining more than just extra space. Be sure to ask me or any other property managers about truck rentals, moving supplies, renters insurance, or special move-in promotions to help you save. Even better, you can manage and pay your account online!

3. Self storage is worth the small, extra cost.

Not enough people take advantage of all the added benefits of self storage. Being able to have extra room at a good price without overspending is worth it. Not to mention, you’ll always have access to your things, even when our offices aren’t open.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What size do I need? What about climate control? Will my storage unit be clean? Most people aren’t educated on the type of storage unit they need, which is why we’re here. We’ll not only determine what type of unit works best for your needs, but we’ll personally drive you to the unit so you can take a look. If you have a question, stop by, give us a call, or check out our Storage Basics FAQ.

Personal Self Storage with Move It

At Move It Self Storage, we not only work hard to make sure your storage unit is secure, but we make you feel welcome as soon as you step foot on the property. And while many people might not know the tricks of the trade when it comes to self storage, they should know that at Move It, we’re not only a storage company, we are a family-oriented company – and you’re going to be well taken care of with us.


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