(Un)decking the Halls: How to Store Your Holiday Decorations

December 28, 2017

Those Christmas lights and boughs of holly may have put you and your family in a festive mood. But with the holidays over, putting your household back in order can be a dreaded chore. Move It Self Storage brings you ideas for organizing your Gulfport, MS home once your guests are gone and the wrapping paper has been tossed. 

Defend Your Decorations

Whether you use the original packaging, go the DIY route, or purchase specially designed cases, protective containers are a must for those dainty decorations. Protect fragile Christmas tree ornaments with tissue paper-filled boxes. Padded cases with dividers protect ornaments and holiday glassware from breakage, and wreath boxes are available to retain your wreath's shape and keep materials intact. 

Seasonal Items Requiring Extra Care

Holiday candles are best kept in a dark, cool environment. Never store them wrapped in materials that might stick to the wax in warm, humid weather. Clean tablecloths and other linens before storing to ensure the integrity of the fabric. Storage units defend seasonal decor and other household items from the elements while helping you maintain a clutter-free, guest-ready home. Climate-controlled self storage is ideal for delicate items. 

Prioritized Packing

Group boxes of decorations by season, using color-coded containers for the sake of convenience. Place Easter decorations in pastel-colored bins, Halloween decor in orange and black, and Hanukkah in blue and silver or white. Label each box or tub with all of its contents, and put your go-to items at the front of each seasonal area. If your schedule doesn't allow you to fully decorate in a day, your favorites will be available to put up before everything else. Who knows? Maybe you'll decide to scale down the decor this year for the ultimate in easy "un-decorating." And if you go the opposite route, a storage unit will help you keep any new decorations you get each season. 

Take it Down and Move It Out: Put Your Décor in Storage

From using the right containers for your keepsake ornaments to arranging boxes in storage units for maximum efficiency, developing a strategy is the key to simplifying post-holiday organization. Get started now so you can focus on your New Year’s resolutions. After all, a little work now means less stress in the coming weeks. Contact Move It Self Storage for more information or to reserve one of our storage units in Gulfport, MS.

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