Manager Spotlight: Greg Garcia

December 27, 2016

Greg Garcia is the Property Manager of Move It Self Storage – Mission in Mission, TX. This month, we’re shining the spotlight on Greg’s outstanding work ethic and charismatic personality. Join us in getting to know Greg on a more personal level – including his favorite part of working at Move It, and his secret to barbecuing the best fajitas in Texas.


How many years have you been with Move It?

I’ve been with Move It since 2014. I was fresh off construction and wanted a new job. I saw a small newspaper posting for this job, had an interview on a Tuesday, and by Friday I was already working. Every day I come to work and I know that I really love my job.


What do you enjoy most about your position?

I enjoy helping others. After I graduated high school, I took some local coaching positions with the Boys and Girls Club, so I have always lived to help others. I love when people call me and ask for help. At Move It, you get customers from all walks who share all kinds of information and stories with you. Being a property manager you get wear a lot of different hats – professional salesman, maintenance, consulting, therapist…the list goes on and on.


Do you have any good work stories?

I had a customer a few years ago that came and stored with me. He was having some trouble closing the door to his storage unit and when I came to help I noticed he had some articles lying on the desk – it appeared to be from the 50s or 60s and had a baseball team on it. I asked him about it and he told me it was him on the team! He was the first Hispanic baseball player to get drafted to the major leagues and was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers Organization. He started telling me all these stories about where he’s been; including that he’s played against some amazing players like Sandy Koufax, Roberto Clemente, Don Drysdale and the great Pete Rose.

Recently, he came back and rented with me again. He came in and dropped off a soft cover book for me about South Texas baseball players back in the 50s and 60s. It was nice to read about him and to see pictures back of him back then. I’m a big history buff – especially with sports – and wish I could just sit down, eat a meal with him and probe him about his days playing baseball. Just the little information he gives me, I soak it all in.


Who are you outside of work when you’re not Greg the Manager?

I like to stay active. Whether it’s going to the local park to shoot some hoops, throwing a football in an open field, or going trail riding. It’s nice to go out and get a good sweat going. I also enjoy fishing, hunting, camping, and of course barbecuing is one of my big things. My favorite food to barbecue is fajitas, and I like making fajitas with mesquite wood. I have an uncle who laughs in your face if you bring a bag of charcoal over to cook with. It’s the mesquite wood that gives the meat the great flavor!

I’m also a huge animal lover. My wife and I are part of a group called RGV Animal Defenders which helps homeless pets. We always try to have a bag of food in our vehicles so when we see stray dogs we’ll go out and feed them and place some bowls of water out for them. Animals can’t speak for themselves, so you have to help them out when you can.


What are some things people might not know about being the manager of a storage facility? 

It’s never a dull moment here. Sometimes people have the misconception that we are sitting at our desk with our feet up. Some people also don’t realize that we actually do repairs here. When we go out to fix something I have my ladder and my tools ready to go and people are like, “Wow, you’re going to fix that?” That’s what I’m here for! We do everything here and I wear many hats.


What’s one thing you wish every customer knew?

An assumption I get quite often is that this is a brand new facility, even though we’ve been here since 2004. I take pride in my facility; I clean it every day and I maintain it. That’s one thing I wish every customer knew: When they come to Move It, they’re coming to a premier self storage facility that provides excellent professional customer service.


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