Frequently Asked Storage Questions

When it comes to frequently asked self storage questions, District Manager Jesse Munoz has heard them all in his 10 years as a storage professional. As the district manager for the entire Rio Grande Valley area, he oversees 12 Move It Self Storage facilities – that’s 7,500 storage units, and about 1 million square feet of storage space! With such an impressive resume, it was only natural for us to ask Jesse about his experience helping renters with their unique self storage questions.


What’s it like working for Move It as a District Manager?


I absolutely love what I do. I love not only being able to manage my team, but also interacting with customers on a daily basis. I love offering exceptional customer service.


When people come to us for storage, it’s because they’re going through a life change. Whether they’re moving into a new home, they’re downgrading, or they’re going through a difficult time, at the end of the day if we’re able to make their lives a little bit easier, that puts a smile on our faces and it puts a smile on their faces. Giving back to the customer is really what gets me going every morning.


What makes Move It special?


What sets Move It apart goes back to our mission statement: “We honor God by managing our properties for our investors with diligence, delivering our services for our customers with excellence, and providing our resources for our employees with care.” You can go to any Move It location and each manager will provide you with the same great service. We want our customers to have the best storage experience possible.


What are some common questions you hear from renters?


“What size and type of unit is right for my storage needs? What security features do you offer? Will my storage rental be on a contract or is there a minimum amount of time needed to rent? Are my belongings insured in storage?”


As a storage professional, it’s our job to answer those questions, but to do that, we have to ask a few of our own: “What are you trying to store? How long do you need that storage for? How soon will you need storage?” It’s an important conversation to make sure everyone finds the right storage unit for them.


Do you have any suggestions for first-time renters?


Once we ask those questions and get an idea of what they’re looking to store, we encourage potential renters to come by for a tour so we can get them out on the property and they can see for themselves all the storage features we offer. Things like exactly how wide our drives are, the lighting at night, and how big the storage unit is compared to what they need.


Most people think they need less space than they actually do, so it helps if they can see the units for themselves. We always suggest renting a larger unit than you need because it gives you the space to create walkways between your things. That way, when you only want access to a certain item, you don’t have to climb over all your other stuff to get it.


Do you offer any assistance or extras for renters who are moving?


We offer our U-Haul moving truck and trailers, both for in-town and one-way rentals. We also have furniture dollies, appliance dollies, and moving blankets available for rent at a low price. If you need extra packing items like boxes, tape, or locks, we have those available for purchase as well.


What’s the value of renting month-to-month versus a longer contract?


At Move It, we only offer month-to-month contracts because we don’t want our tenants to feel tied down. This is convenient for those renters who only need temporary storage, like people moving between apartments or houses who have a gap between when one lease ends and another begins.


However, this doesn’t mean you need to pay your rent every month. For tenants who plan on using more long-term storage, you can pay for several months in advance with no hassle – sometimes we offer incentives for long-term payments, too. Make sure to check with your local facility to see what deals they offer.


What should potential customers do if they still have questions?


If anyone needs any additional information, my advice is they should feel free to call any of our locations and speak to one of our managers. Better yet, they should visit their nearest location and take a tour to see for themselves all that Move It has to offer. And if they want to get a better insight into Move It as a company and who we are, they should visit the About Us and Our Team pages of our website.


Move It Self Storage is Here to Help


If you’re interested in learning more about Move It’s storage options, but you didn’t see your question here, feel free to contact your nearest location and speak with a helpful storage manager today!

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