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Upcoming Auctions

Storage Auctions in Texas, Southeastern and Southwestern United States

In the past, storage auctions were live, on-site events that people from all over would attend to bid on the contents of abandoned storage units. Thanks to the ever-expanding use of the internet, these storage auctions now take place online which has allowed for more people than ever to dabble in the excitement of buying abandoned storage units at auction.

Move It Storage holds these online auctions for every location when storage units at these locations are abandoned. We welcome people from all backgrounds and experience levels to view and bid on the contents of our storage auctions.

It works like this: we post units to the or the auction website for the next scheduled storage auction. The auction will have a start time and an end time over a period of days, during which time online bids will be accepted. Once the auction goes “live” and units are posted to the site, potential bidders will be able to view multiple images of the unit contents to decide whether or not they want to bid on the units. At the end of the bidding period the highest bidder will win the unit, and they will pay the auction site a buyer’s deposit on the unit. The buyer will then need to go to the storage facility to pay the remaining balance and claim their items. Remember, you are bidding on all of the contents of the unit, so buyers are responsible for taking everything in the unit with them after the sale.

The auction calendar will be updated on a regular basis, or you can search by facility name or address on the Storage Auctions website to view our upcoming auctions. The rules for each auction are posted on the auction website, so don’t worry about not knowing how it works right away. Just review the rules for whichever site you’re interested in, and check the site monthly for new bidding opportunities.


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