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Move It Storage

Outstanding value and service in the self-storage industry

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Move It Management brings a depth of experience to the market, along with the attention and care of a team of dedicated experts. Our time-tested management approach incorporates five key components: personnel, facility presentation, marketing, revenue management and budgeting and business planning.

Move It Consulting Services cover a wide array of storage facility development and management functions. Whether you need to determine feasibility factors of a market location, access know-how to design your facility, get help with financing or just improve efficiencies of an existing facility, all you need to do is ask Move It.

Our Five Key Property Management Process has been perfected to provide storage owners and operators a tried-and-true approach to effective management. Every facility demands a unique set of solutions. For some clients, maintaining the strength of their current brand is a priority, while others might want to take advantage of using an established brand name like Move It Self Storage.

With a team of experts on your side who will work to bring added value in every way we can, you’re picking a management partner who has all hands on deck for every facility, no matter the size.

Discover how you can move your facilities to the next level with Move It Management.

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