Which Items Should You Pack Last When Moving?

July 23, 2015

Being organized is an important part of a successful move. There are some items you will need to have available on moving day and others you can’t pack until the last minute. Planning out when to pack your belongings before you start can save you a lot of headaches when you get to your new home.

Last Minute Items

You don’t want to leave anything important, or be rummaging through a bunch of boxes to find something you need at your new home. Here are some items you will need to pack last or keep available:

  • personal care items (soap, shampoo and razors)

  • towels and sheets

  • first aid kit, medications and pain reliever

  • eyeglasses or contacts

  • tape, scissors and markers for labeling boxes

  • pet food and supplies

  • cleaning supplies, paper towels and trash bags

  • disposable plates, cups and utensils

  • coffee maker and related supplies

3-Box System

A good way to take care of last-minute packing is to have a three-box system. Use the first box to pack the items you will still need on moving day or the night before and have to pack last minute. Some examples are pajamas, the sheets you’re sleeping on, and a set of towels. Set aside the clothes you’ll be wearing so you don’t accidentally pack them.

The second box is for things you will need immediately upon arrival in your new home. Include a change of clothing, clean towels and sheets. After you use items like toothpaste, soap or razors in the morning, put them in the second box so they are easy to find when you get to your new home.

Use a third box with items you may need during the moving process. Cleaning supplies, a box cutter and tape, trash bags and a first aid kit are good examples. Don’t forget to tape and label boxes.

Make the moving process even easier by using a storage area for some of the things you won’t need right away. This can allow you more time for packing and make things go faster on moving day. If you need some extra storage, contact Move It Self Storage today and reserve a unit.


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