What's The Best Way To Label Moving Boxes?

June 24, 2015

A little preparation in the beginning can make your move go smoother. One of the things you should think of is how you are going to label your moving boxes. With a simple system in place, you can keep the move organized going out of your old place and into your new one.

How To Label Your Boxes

This checklist will get you organized and keep you that way throughout the move.

  • Use colored labels – a different one for each room in your new place. For example, the kitchen is blue, the bathroom is green, the master bedroom is yellow, and so on. You can get price tag labels in multiple colors or make your own labels using colored office paper. The labels should be large enough to be seen easily. Secure the labels on three sides and the top with packing tape. When you move in, post samples of the labels on the door frame of the assigned room. Blue boxes go into the blue room, red in the red room, etc.

  • Number each box. The numbers should begin with 1 and go up from there. This will make inventorying the boxes easy.

  • Mark the contents on the outside of the box. It should be simple. Examples include "cutlery," "winter clothes - Megan," and "bedsheets - master bedroom." Try to avoid "Miscellaneous" if at all possible. You should mark the box on three sides and the top.

  • Mark boxes with "Fragile" if its contents are delicate. This tells you if the box should be handled with care and not have other boxes stacked on top.

  • Label "Open First" boxes. Many rooms will have certain items that need to be unpacked first. In the kitchen, it may be the everyday dishes and cutlery. For the bedroom, it may be the bed linens and pillows. In the bathroom, it may be the towels and toilet paper.

  • Keep an inventory of the boxes as you label them. The inventory does not have to be complicated. List the number on the box, the room it belongs in, and its contents. For example, "5. Megan's bedroom - Toys" or "14. Master bathroom - Toiletries." The inventory makes it easy to keep count of the boxes that go out of your old place and the ones that arrive at your new place. If a box is missing, you will know which one it is and its contents.

With this labeling system, you can track what you have and make sure everything arrives. If you need storage while moving, or need moving materials, contact us here at Move It Self Storage. We offer storage units in many sizes, standard as well as climate controlled options.


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