What To Remove From Your RV Before Storage

October 6, 2015

When storing an RV for the winter, many people tend to leave a good number of items inside their vehicle. The inside of an RV should not be used as additional storage space, particularly if you are using it to hold one of these items.


Storing food inside your RV makes it more likely your vehicle will attract mice and vermin. What’s more, items in glass jars could easily expand and break with changes in the temperature. This could leave you with quite a mess to deal with come spring. Before placing your RV in storage, remove any food items.


Firewood may also attract insects and could even retain moisture. This could cause your wood to rot; cleaning up decayed firewood would also be messy, as there could be splinters left behind. Your best bet is to burn up your firewood before camping season ends and plan on purchasing new wood when you’re ready to hit the road again.

Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials, including fuel, insecticides, and even cleaning products can be dangerous to store in your RV. Some chemicals are not supposed to be stored near others, so unless you know which ones should be stored where, you could accidentally mix them. Aluminum cans could rust, or plastic bottles might swell up and cause the contents to leak. Not only could this ruin your interior, but extensive cleaning might also be required to make your RV inhabitable again.

Water and Sludge

It may seem like common sense to empty your water and sludge tank before winter, but you’d actually be surprised how many people forget to do this. Failing to empty these tanks could be disastrous. Your tanks might burst, leaving you with hundreds of dollars in repairs. Even if no damage occurs, you are bound to be left with a smelly mess to contend with when taking your RV out of storage. To ensure you don’t forget, make a winterization checklist and follow it to the letter.

When you’re ready to put your RV in hibernation, store it at Move It Self Storage. We can provide you with space for storing all of the above items, too (no sludge or water please).


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