What To Do On Your First Day In Your New Home

November 13, 2015

You finally made it to your new home. Now what? That's the question that new homeowners around the world face every single day. There's too much to do and you have to be back at work sooner than you'd like. Follow this advice to facilitate the transition into your new home.

Create A Checklist

The first thing to do is thank and/or tip the moving men if they did a solid job. Offer them whatever snacks you have on hand and as much water as they desire. Once they move on, create a gameplan. Write down everything you need to do. Writing down your tasks helps you remember what you must do and empowers you to do it in an organized fashion.

A Quick Inspection

Once you've got all your move-in tasks written down, check to make sure all the appliances are in working order. Inspect the home's switches as well. The last thing you want is to spend the night in a cold or hot home due to a utility problem. Also, do not forget to change the locks.


Use the cleaning supplies from your old home to perform a quick clean of the things that you'll use right away. Get rid of the dust on the floor, cobwebs and other glaring problems. You can perform a more thorough clean of your new home when you have more free time. Once you've cleaned the necessities, you can begin to think about how you'll go about unpacking and arranging your furniture.

Pluck Low Hanging Fruit

At this point, try to knock out the simple but necessary tasks that can be done right away. Heat the boiler, order some food and organize your boxes for the unpacking process.

Set up your bed first in case you become too tired to finish the unpacking process and need some rest, then open up your essentials. Unpack and organize your toiletries, clothes and other important items.


When you finish unpacking or decide to take an extended break, go ahead and introduce yourself to your neighbors. They'll tell you about the area, its amenities and how to get to popular destinations.

Just about everyone who moves is disinclined to transport everything to their new living space. Most of us own more possessions than we assume. When it comes time to transport them to the new digs, it becomes a burdensome process. Opt to store your excess belongings at Move It Self Storage.


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