Utilizing Mini Self Storage Units Can Take A Big Load Off Your Mind And Help You Breathe Easier

April 18, 2013

Whether you are preparing for a cross-country move, relocating to a smaller business space as a result of the economy, or simply trying to free up space in your living room for some furniture that hasn’t been destroyed by your furry, four-legged children, mini self storage units are an ideal solution that is easy on your wallet.  The process of renting one is simple, and once you see the security measures modern self storage facilities take to ensure the safety of your possessions, you’ll breathe a big sigh of relief. It really is true, utilizing mini self storage can take a big load off your mind and your wallet while helping you breathe easier about your storage needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Mini Self Storage?

There are many benefits of using mini storage units, and the most popular benefit is the space you will free up in your home or apartment.  If you have enough items to store to fill a standard unit, then go for it.  However, if you just have a handful of boxes here and there, or an office desk and chair, there’s no reason to pay more for square footage you don’t really need.  In addition, you will discover that putting your possessions into storage makes it easier to sort through items you no longer need and no longer want for the time being.  All of those textbooks from college that have towered up in your home are just taking up valuable space, but you just never know when you’re going to want to read Jane Eyre or Macbeth again.  When you're moving, downsizing or simply trying to clear out closets, a mini self storage unit is the answer.

Are My Possessions Safe In Mini Self Storage Units?

Your possessions are just as safe, and perhaps even safer, in a storage unit as they are in your basement.  If these said items are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and moisture, such as wine or artwork, then they are indeed safer in a storage unit rather than your damp basement or dusty attic.  The only person who has access to your unit is you and whoever you give your key and private access code to.  Couple that with fences, 24-hour surveillance cameras, well-lit premises, and it is quite probable that your possessions are actually safer in a self storage facility than anywhere in your very own home.

When Is The Best Time To Rent A Mini Self Storage Unit?

Of course, this varies depending on each and every customer.  However, there are some common themes that the self storage industry has noticed over the years.  Many people rent mini self storage units when they are moving, preparing for home renovations or simply trying to declutter their living space.  Whatever your reason, getting your possessions out of the way and tucked safely behind the doors of a storage unit will help you focus on other things, like what color to paint the walls in your living room or how to decorate the entryway of your home.

In the end, there are plenty of benefits to renting mini self storage units and that is why you should visitGetwell Road Self Storage in Memphis, Tennessee.  The friendly employees will be happy to show you around the grounds and discuss the different unit sizes available.

photo credit: David Blackwell. via photopin cc

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