Unique Ways To Keep Presents A Secret

December 1, 2015

If it's the holiday season, then it's also hide-the-Christmas-gifts season. Indeed, hiding those gifts — while preventing others from easily guessing what's in them — can be part of the fun.

But there are ways to not only keep presents from snooping children but also to keep them from guessing what they are before the wrapping has even come off. Here are some things you can try.

Secret Codes

This can be done in a variety of ways, all with the idea of keeping a gift's content secret.

  • Wrap each person's present in a particular wrapping paper without tagging it. You'll be the only one to know what wrapping paper belongs to each person.

  • Create a secret code for each person that's known only to you. Then give it to each person in your family after Thanksgiving, with the first one to break the code being the first person to open their presents on Christmas Day. Your family members will be so occupied with trying to break the code that they'll forget about snooping under the tree.

  • You can really add to the espionage by not only giving each present a certain code (or kind of wrapping paper), but also hiding presents at a friend or neighbor's house.

Use The Laundry Sorter

Designate different bins of the laundry sorter for each person's gifts. You can then cover the top with unfinished sorting, folded sheets, and the like, to deter any curiosity.

Shop Online

If you have young kids, it can be next to impossible to get a free moment to shop for Christmas gifts the traditional way (i.e., in stores). Just break away for a few minutes and do your shopping online instead. Plus many online stores offer not only free shipping, but also gift wrap. When the delivery comes to your door in a plain brown box, it won't be nearly as interesting to your kids.

Mislead With Boxes

The next time you visit your local department store, ask if they have any extra boxes. Not the big brown shipping boxes, but boxes used for a display of pots and pans, or other “boring” gifts. Place your children's wrapped presents in those and they won't be so inclined to snoop. They'll also be ecstatic when they open one of those boxes on Christmas Day and discover the toy they really wanted.

Use A Self-Storage Facility

You may already have your own self-storage out of the house, and it's a great place to store those gifts until the last minute.  If you're looking to store those gifts, or other items during the holidays, contact Move It Self Storage.


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