State Of The Art Security Measures Makes Park Cities Self Storage The Market Leader

March 14, 2013

Here at Park Cities Self Storage we take your unit’s security very seriously.  Our property’s goal is to offer the most secure storage unit in the Dallas area.  In order to achieve this, we offer top-of-the-market cylinder locks, twenty four hour a day monitoring of the property via high definition surveillance cameras, individual gate codes that only allow access to our tenants, and we will lock the property down from 10 pm to 6 am, to make sure that no suspicious behavior is allowed on our premises.

Along with the security measures mentioned above, we have included individual security alarms to create the most secure property on the market.  These alarms are tied directly to your personal access code that is inputted every time you enter the facility.  Once you have entered this code your units alarm will be deactivated for your entry.  If there is tampering with your unit when your access code has not been inputted into the entrance door, there is a three step process that will happen to alert all involved. First, a localized alarm will sound from the unit that will alert all personnel on the property.  Second, our system will send a text message or email directly to you to inform you of the attempted entry.  Finally, the store manager will receive notice of the alarm at the facility.  This way you always have peace of mind that your items are secure here at Park Cities Self Storage.  For more information please contact us at 469-387-3231.

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