Storage Prep Tips For Your RV

September 17, 2015

There’s more to preparing your RV for storage than just cleaning out and winterizing the water system. There are lots of other details you need to take care of to make sure your vehicle is optimally protected and ready for next season.

Pre-Storage Maintenance

Deal with any small problems before you store your vehicle so they don’t have a chance to become big ones. Inspect the body and interior of the vehicle, especially the seams and seals, and make repairs as needed. Lubricate hinges, locks and other moving parts so they don’t get stuck. Clean the air conditioner filters and cover the air conditioner. Tires should be properly inflated. It is also a good idea to get an oil and filter change beforehand to help prevent engine damage and you may want to add fuel stabilizer to the gas.

Depending on how long you are storing your vehicle, you may need to disconnect, clean and store the battery to prevent it from discharging. Make sure to check it periodically and recharge if needed. All LP gas appliances should be turned off and the gas supply valve should be turned off too. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the maintenance and storage for your generator.

Storing Your RV

Clean the vehicle thoroughly inside and out and make sure everything is dry before you store it. You have undoubtedly picked up a little road dirt on your travels and removing it before storage means there is less chance for it to cause some kind of damage to your vehicle.

Keeping your RV in covered storage offers the most protection from the weather. There are also covers available to protect the outside of the vehicle from the elements. Sun, dirt and grit can ruin the protective finish on your vehicle, which can cause premature wear and lead to other problems. Close all blinds to prevent fading, cracking or other damage to interior materials from sun exposure.

Remove all perishables and consumables from your RV. That includes cleaning out cabinets and the refrigerator to remove crumbs. You don’t want to come back and find a pest problem. Once you’ve gotten rid of those items and cleaned the vehicle, it is still a good idea to leave a few ant and mouse traps inside just in case. Pests can do lots of damage so this easy and inexpensive task is a good precaution. Leave cabinet doors and drawers open to help avoid strange smells.

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photo credit: Apollo Sunrise Escape via photopin (license)

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