Park Cities Self Storage Specialty Locks

March 14, 2013

Here at Park Cities Self Storage, we will be using cylinder locks. These locks offer the most secure locking mechanism on the market. The reason for their security is provided by the lock being internally housed within the storage unit, similar to the door lock at your house or apartment. By being internally housed, these locks cannot be cut like padlocks or combination locks. Like disc locks, they are also strike-proof, drill-resistant and pick-proof.

Our facility office will offer specialty cylinder locks fitted specifically for the doors at Park Cities Self Storage. For all customers eligible for the move-in special, these locks will included at the time of move-in. In order to have the most secure facility possible, Park Cities Self Storage will issue each tenant a new lock for every unit.

New locks are currently being developed that will act similar to keycard access slots at Hotels. In addition to this feature, the locks will be able to electronically email or text our customers alerts when the unit is accessed. These locks will be similar to the cylinder locks we currently provide to our tenants. As soon as this technology is available, Park Cities Self Storage will proudly offer these locks.

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