Keep The Damp And Mildew At Bay With A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

April 18, 2013

Are you using your attic, garage or basement for storage?  If you are, shame on you.  Take a close look at those items stored in these dank, dark places.  You may see paper that is no longer crisp, white and dry.  Your expensive clothing may be permanently creased.  Your wooden furniture could be warped.  All of these signs of pending disaster can threaten the items you treasure most and wish to preserve.  If you do not have a dry, temperature-controlled environment for holding your possessions, you need to look at climate controlled self storage.  Climate controlled self storage units are specifically designed to keep the damp and mildew at bay while minimizing temperature fluctuations.
What Can You Place In A Self Storage Unit?

In reality, unless it explodes, toxic or otherwise illegal, there is not much you cannot store in self storage.  If you got a chance to peruse units at self storage facilities, you would find a variety of stored items.  Businesses use storage units to store equipment, archived documents, and back stock merchandise.  Individuals use it for household goods, lawn equipment, recreational vehicles and antiques.  Are you saving your first born's baby clothes for a future sibling down the road?  What about those albums from your childhood or your grandparents’ wedding china passed down to you?  These are precious to you, and therefore, they deserve to be well taken care of, and a climate controlled self storage unit can do just that.

When Is Self Storage A Good Idea?

Everybody who uses a self storage facility has their own reasons for using self storage.  But here are two of the most common ones:

Have you merged households?  When people get married or move in together, there is usually plenty of stuff left over.  Self storage is a great option for containing the overflow.  Your partner may not be ready to part with that awful bachelor-pad futon covered in beer and pizza stains, but that doesn’t mean you have to put it in your new abode now does it?  Have you ever inherited property from a family member that has passed away?  If your house is already stuffed to the brim, self storage offers a temporary solution before you can decide what to do with your new belongings.  

Have you ever lived in a house temporarily while your main home was under construction or renovation?  When a house is under construction, living there is next to impossible.  Putting most of your goods into storage and moving into a rental is a good way to get through the process.  What about if you are house hunting while temporarily staying at a hotel or apartment after a hasty job transfer?  If your company provides relocation fees, be sure to bring this up before paying for a self storage unit yourself.  Your relocation allowance may cover this expense.

While a standard unit is acceptable for many belongings, we recommend putting anything of value or susceptible to the elements into a climate controlled unit.  

Where Can You Find A Self Storage Facility For Your Household Goods?

If you are ready to put your personal items into storage, the process is quite easy.  First, call Park Cities Self Storage in Dallas, Texas, and the staff can let you know which climate controlled units are available.  Contact the professional and courteous employees today, then sign some paperwork and start packing. Easy, right?

photo credit: Lovro67 via photopin cc

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