Affordable Business Storage Is Just Down The Road At A Self-Storage Facility

April 18, 2013

How much does your business space cost you every month?  How much of that space are you using for storage?  Think about it: A good deal of your monthly rent goes toward storage space.  Now, every business has some storage needs — a broom closet, a file room or a stock room is normal.  However, if you have given up more than a little space for storing rarely used items, you are wasting money and it is time to do something about it.  A self storage unit is the answer, it is affordable and most likely just down the road.  Satisfy your business storage needs today with a self storage unit.

Is Self Storage Really An Option?

Take some time and review what you store.  You may have backstock or you might have old office furniture and equipment.  You could have an overflowing file room.  How much of this stuff do you really need to have on immediate hand?  If you say very little of it, then you are a prime candidate for using self storage for business needs.  You can get a unit just down the road for housing this stuff, and it will be there when you need it, but not underfoot.  A self storage unit can help you free up valuable business space to give you room to expand your operations.

Where Should I Start?

Getting a unit at a local self storage facility in Dallas, Texas, is easy enough.  Just rent the unit and start moving things in.  Planning is essential though.  You want to be able to access what you store in the unit.  Put the items you intend to store into categories based on size, weight and material.  Keep heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top.  Keep belongings you are less likely to need in the back and the more commonly used items near the front.  Be sure to label everything in the unit clearly.  Organize like things together.  For example, put files to one side and store displays on the other.  There are many ways to plan and organize a storage unit, so research storage tips online to see what best works for you and the types of belongings you intend to store.

Are Other Businesses Using Self Storage?

Some companies operate out of a home office and a self storage unit.  Contractors have used self storage facilities for many years for storing equipment and supplies.  Many other businesses, such as clothing boutiques and hardware stores, have found these facilities are the perfect, affordable solution for storing shipments, supplies, merchandise and other items needed to keep the company running.  Your company can join the ranks of these savvy businesses in getting storage needs met and saving money with a self storage unit.

Where Can I Find A Self Storage Unit?

If you are ready, you can get your self storage needs met today.  Contact Park Cities Self Storage in Dallas, Texas right away to inquire about renting a self storage unit.  The facility has storage units in many sizes and configurations so you can easily find a unit to fit your needs.  The first step is making the call.  And when you do, be sure to ask about the $29 move-in special!
photo credit: Glorius via photopin cc

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