Window Box Ideas To Blow Your Neighbors Away

August 26, 2015

When your home's exterior is in need of some personality, where do you start? Infuse your personal style and a punch of color into the exterior of your home with window boxes. A simple update can make a big difference and give your home the bright and beautiful look that's perfect for life on Nantucket.

Make It Bold With Color

Adding a bright burst of color to your window box design will make a bold statement about your style. For a simple, but bright design, stick with one color. Yellow flowers stand out against more subdued house colors. Yellow petunias, marigolds and pansies all work well in window boxes.

The windows aren't always the areas that need color. For those with dark porches, a box hung on to deck rails can welcome guests with a dose of color. Mums in various colors provide a simple look that will invite guests in.

Get Dramatic With An Abundance Of Plants

For big windows that need a big dose of design, create a window box with layers of color, texture and length. Rather than choosing plants that should be kept neat and trimmed, choose ferns and vines that will fill the space and create a lush look. Sprawling flowers like geraniums add color and interest to the greenery. Your home will instantly look like the unique garden in the neighborhood.

While the overgrown look can be beautiful, keep in mind that it can also get out of control. Pull dead leaves and flowers to help your window garden maintain a healthy appearance.

Add Interest With Extras

Who says window boxes need to be filled with just plants? Adding objects into the mix can turn your planters into perfectly curated vignettes. When creating your display, choose a theme that will make it easier to pick items and create a cohesive look. For example, a gardening theme could include watering cans. Small flags could be used to create a patriotic theme.

A benefit to using objects in window boxes is that they can be updated with each season. Those who stay on Nantucket year-round may want to decorate the boxes with gourds in the fall and holiday lights in the winter, for example.

Storing Your Supplies

Planting, DIY projects and other outdoor activities often lead to collecting an assortment of tools, supplies and equipment. Storing these seasonal items can take up a lot of space that most homeowners don't want to give up. Self storage offers space and security for your seasonal items. Contact Nantucket Storage Center for more information about finding the right storage solution for your needs.

photo credit: Fall Window Box via photopin (license)

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