What Flowers And Plants Grow Well In Window Boxes?

August 24, 2015

If you are looking to add some beauty to your home, a window box is a great way to show off your green thumb as well as enjoy the beauty of nature both indoors and out.  When deciding what to plant in your window box, you must first determine how much sun and shade the area will get and what type of plants and flowers you would like to showcase.

Plants that do well in window boxes include:

Salvia - Beautiful purple shoots that add height and color.

Coleus - Comes in a multitude of vibrant colors.

Summer Snap Dragon - Adds great height and shades of purple as well as a grape scent to the box.

Dracaena - Slow growing, high spiky foliage that can fill the back and sides of your window box.

Sweet Potato Vine - Has a bold yellow color and grows fast.  They are great for creeping over the edge of the window box.

If you are looking for flowers to adorn your window box, there is a wide variety depending what look and color pallet you want to achieve.

For window boxes in full sun, try:

Marigolds - Have gold blooms that last throughout the season

Petunias - Come in a variety of colors and heights.

Moss Rose - Spreads low and is good for filling the bottom of a window box.

If you window box is in the shade try:

Impatiens - They love full shade and have a range of colors

Begonias - Stay bright from spring to summer and can thrive in full or partial shade

Fuchsias - They have colorful blooms that trail over the box to give fullness

You may want to try adding herbs to your window box as well to fill in, give added color, or give your window box fragrance. Herbs are a great addition to any window box as they not only provide color and scent; they also are usable and regenerate throughout the season.

There are many herbs that do great in sunny window boxes. Plant Sage, Oregano, Sweet Marjoram, and Rosemary to fill in open areas in your box. You can also add Orange Balsam or Lavender for fragrance.

For window boxes that are shaded you can plant Parsley, Basil or fragrant herbs such as Cilantro, Mint or Lemon Balm.

Whether you choose to outfit your new window box with plants, flowers, herbs, or any combination of the three, you will be adding beauty to the your house and carrying on a Nantucket tradition. If you have a green thumb and are looking for a facility to store your gardening supplies during the off season, contact Nantucket Storage Center for more information today.


photo credit: Window box with black shutters and a 1964 "Carolopolis" award plaque on a white brick house, Charleston, SC via photopin (license)

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