Things To Do On The Beach In The Off-Season Months

November 5, 2015

During the winter months, the masses flock away from the beaches. The tanned bodies that once lined the beaches of Nantucket retreat into the safety of their homes, bundled up next to a fireplace, likely dreaming of next summer's beach romps. If you are part of the crowd that runs from the beach at the first sign of a crisp day, you are truly missing out. There is plenty to do on the beach even during the colder seasons.

Collect Some Seashells

Have you ever tried to find seashells in the summer? Your likely answer is yes, but searching for shells in the winter is actually more enjoyable. Because the sand isn't hot, you'll be able to dig deeper for the bigger shells. You also don't have to fight the masses for the good shells, so you are sure to find some beautiful specimens. Bring the shells back to your home and place them in a large, glass bowl. It is an easy way to bring some summer fun back into your home, even during the cold winter months.


You've probably seen pictures of people standing on completely deserted beaches. The photos are beautiful, raw and natural. Odds are they weren't taken during the height of the season. Beach photos taken during the summer almost always have random strangers imprinted in them because beaches are crowded during the summer months. Winter beach pictures can get you that deserted feel you are after. Pack up your photography equipment and make a day of it on the beach. You'll get great shots, but do remember to dress for the weather.

Have A Picnic

Winters on Nantucket can be harsh, but there are plenty of days during the winter months that are perfectly pleasant. On one of the more pleasant days pack up a picnic and head down to the beach. Set up a big blanket and enjoy the solitude and some warm foods. Chili, stew and soup packed into a thermos can take the chill out of your bones and allow you to really enjoy the scenery. Pack hot cocoa and snacks for a sweet treat with your loved ones.

Check Out The Shops

If you are looking to leave the waves behind for a bit on a beach day, stop in the shops and eateries that line the island. Sure, it may be cold outside, but it's plenty warm inside the confines of the small businesses that line Nantucket.  

Once you've packed it in on Nantucket for the season, do stop by and visit the professionals at Nantucket Storage Center. We'll happily help you store your goods until the next time you head back to Nantucket.

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