Support The Arts: A List Of Local Artists And Galleries

October 20, 2015

Nantucket supports a thriving arts community. It is one of the special reasons people live on the island and tourists flock to see what the island has to offer. Supporting the arts starts with knowing something about the artists and galleries here on Nantucket.

Let's Start With The Association

The Artists Association of Nantucket boasts over 250 artists working in all sorts of media. The association offers member artists the opportunity to showcase their work in the AAN Cecelia Joyce and Seward Johnson Gallery on Washington Street. This Gallery has a rotating permanent collection as well as showings for experienced as well as up-and-coming artists.

AAN offers art classes and workshops for both adults and children. They sponsor a mentoring program for talented art students at the Nantucket High School. The AAN has ongoing programs throughout the year featuring films, lectures, and presentations from artists, art critics, collectors, and art historians.

Local Galleries

Besides the AAN Gallery, Nantucket boasts a number of galleries owned by local artists.

  • Sosebee Studios is a working studio/gallery that focuses on art that portrays Nantucket life. Styles range from traditional to modern with works from fourteen different local artists. The studio is located on Washington Street in downtown Nantucket.

  • G.S. Hill Gallery features the oil paintings and limited prints of Greg Hill. Greg has been painting since he was 11. His paintings capture his love of Nantucket as well as his love for travel all over the world.

  • The Nantucket Carving and Folk Art gallery is a place where local artisans can display and sell traditional Nantucket crafts. One side of the building is a woodworking studio where visitors can see the artist at work. The other side of the building is the studio displaying traditional baskets, wood work, ship models, and much more.


To name all the artists on Nantucket is almost impossible without going on for pages and pages. Here are a few Nantucket artists of note.

  • Victoria Harvey is a Nantucket landscape artist who works in oil on canvas. Her landscapes are noted for capturing the natural beauty of the Island.

  • Miki Lovett creates hand marbled paper and textiles that go into hand-bound books, gifts, and framed art.

  • Christopher Bonelli brings the Japanese art of Gyotaku and gives it a Nantucket spin. This traditional form of Japanese printing goes well with the fishing and whaling heritage of traditional Nantucket art.

  • Cate Raphael offers more non-traditional landscapes that still capture the magic of Nantucket. Her focus is on melting realistic scenes into an almost abstract setting.

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