Storage Ideas For Packing Up Christmas

December 30, 2015

Whether you just put up a tree or build a small winter wonderland in your living room, decorating your house for the holidays gets you in the Christmas spirit. While the decorating may be fun, unfortunately taking it all down and storing it for next year can be a daunting task. Below are a few tips to help make storing your decor less of a chore.

Tree Storage

To store your faux tree, separate it into sections, push the branches up, wrap them in a blanket or plastic bag and tie it up with zip ties or yarn. This will keep the tree from getting out of shape or accumulating dust.

Ornament Storage

If you don't like sorting through boxes to decorate your tree, store the items in a tote in the order you will use them. Keep your lights on the top layer, followed by bows, garland or tinsel, and place the ornaments in small boxes on the bottom. This way, you simply need to open the box and work your way down.

If some of your ornaments are fragile, place them in egg cartons. Then add tissue to fill in the extra space and tape the carton closed. This will protect your ornaments and even cushion them against an accidental drop.

Wreath Storage

To store a wreath, put it on a wire hanger and cover with a garbage bag. This way, you will not only prevent dust from getting on your wreath, but you will also be able to hang it in storage.

Garland And Light Storage

You can also use wire hangers to store your garland. First, create a circle out of the triangle part of the hangar. Next coil the garland around the circle, then cover with a trash bag and hang up in storage. If you have extra long garland, you can use two hangers spaced apart.

To keep your lights tangle-free for the next holiday season, you will need a couple of household items. For long strands, wrap them around a large piece of cardboard and secure them by putting the plug through a notch at the bottom of the cardboard. For smaller lights, wrap them around an old coffee can and tuck the plugs in the top.

Candle Storage

If you enjoy Christmas candles, but not cleaning the dust off them every year, wrap them in a pair of old nylon stockings before storing. This will keep them dust- and dirt-free until the next holiday season.

If you live in Nantucket and are looking for a place to store your decorations after the holiday season, contact Nantucket Storage Center today to find a space that works best for you.


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