Spot Some Fowl At Nantucket Birding Weekend

October 12, 2015

Whether you're an avid birdwatcher or a beginner learning about this fascinating hobby, the 2015 Nantucket Birding Weekend is sure to be a hit. Sponsored by the Linda Loring Nature Foundation, the Birding Weekend kicks off Friday, October 16, and runs until Sunday, October 18. Don't miss your chance at a fun-filled weekend of bird watching and other activities. Here are some events to look forward to at this year's Birding Weekend.

Birding Classes And Workshops

Need a birding brush-up? There will be plenty of experts on hand conducting workshops to educate you further on the subject of birds. Learn more about identifying birds of various species, particularly those hard to identify, generic looking gray, brown, or black birds. You'll be able to tell the difference between even the most similar looking birds after attending birding workshops.

There will also be a workshop devoted to the Marsh Wren. Featuring a discussion led by keynote speaker Mark Robbins, this class focuses on all of the interesting features of the migrating bird.


As part of your admission for the weekend, you'll get to head out and see some birds in their natural habitat. One of the weekend's trips includes a jaunt to the mist nets at Ice House Pond to see the birds close up as they are measured and banded. You'll also get the chance to explore the west and east end of Nantucket and see birds like the white-throated sparrow and Peregrine Falcon in locations including Eel Point Road, Steve's Woods, Sconset Bluff, and North Cambridge Street.


Go on a Sunday tour exploring the southeast area of the island in order to catch a glimpse of some of the rarest birds, including the Eastern Phoebe and Northern Flicker. This trip will take you down Low Beach to see some of the most beautiful and hard to find birds in their beautiful, natural locations.


To register for the Birding Weekend, click here and fill out the form. Prices for the weekend are $375 for members and $475 for non-members. Additional fees may apply for workshops, and while the price of admission covers trips, transportations, and most meals, the price does not include housing or travel, so make proper arrangements for those before planning to come.

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