Shop Local: Buy From Nantucket Mechants

September 3, 2015

Nantucket residents know the special gift they have living on the Island. To keep the Island economy hale and hearty, shopping locally is the only answer. The good news is that Nantucket Island has plenty of local shops and merchants to enjoy.

Look Local - Shopping locally helps to preserve the unique culture that is Nantucket. One of the noted local crafts is the Nantucket Lightship Basket, a basket unique to the fishing culture of Nantucket. This native craft has transformed into bracelets that are a true offshoot of this tradition. Nantucket Bracelets are hand-woven from rattan with a clasp made of legally available ivory. Each bracelet has custom scrimshaw, making each one totally unique.

Drink Local - Cisco Brewers started out as a home brew experiment in a local family kitchen back in 1995. Today, it has grown to a full brewery with a number of beers available year round. Locals can enjoy Island Reserve, Summer Lager, Pumple Drumkin, and the Woods. The Brewery is open year round with tours available to all ages.

Eat Local - Going local helps improve the diversity of products available within the community. A great example of this is the sheer variety at Sayle's Seafood. Locals can enjoy a full range of seafood, much of it coming from local sources. The shop offers Nantucket Bay Scallops, local Lobsters, and Sea Scallops from the Atlantic. They also carry salmon, sole, lobster, and many other types of seafood from places around the world. They also offer a number of ready to eat options for lunch and dinner.

Wear Local - Local businesses help to sustain the local infrastructure, even when they sell to an international audience. The Peter Beaton Studio offers clothing, hats and totes that carry a distinct Nantucket style. Their collections are available through their studio for locals as well as online for people outside Nantucket who appreciate their fine style.

Relax Local - Entrepreneurship is what fuels innovation and upward mobility. Supporting local businesses helps everyone in the long run. Nantucket Healing Through Hands brings the healing arts of Reflexology, Reiki, and Acupoint Balancing to locals who are looking for alternatives to traditional medicine. Local entrepreneur Wendi Murrell can help you feel fantastic with just one treatment.

Going local, whenever possible, brings jobs and wages to more and more Nantucket residents, on and off season. It helps build a strong Nantucket community that can withstand the economic ups and downs of tourism. If you want to go local, consider Nantucket Storage Center. We offer affordable storage options for locals year round.

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