Sea-Themed Wreaths For The Holidays

November 11, 2015

Ocean, beach and nautical themed décor is often thought of exclusively for summer. But there are plenty of ways to do a sea theme with holiday décor. Try these sea-themed holiday wreath ideas that can add a festive touch to your home.

A traditional base with sea-themed embellishments

Start with traditional greenery or ornaments, then add beach-themed ornaments, sea shells, driftwood, sea glass, fishing net, or rope. It might seem like these things are too different to work together, but that isn’t the case. This evergreen and berry wreath is a good example.

A sea-themed base with traditional embellishments

Start with a sea-themed item like a life ring, circles of rope, decorative buoys or a seashell wreath and add some traditional greenery or ornaments to it. Check out this snowflake wreath DIY from a ship steering wheel.

Change the shape

Who says your wreath has to be round? This anchor shaped wreath uses traditional greenery in a different shape. This design is basic, but could be embellished to fit with other decorations.

Use a different base

Your holiday wreath doesn’t need to be evergreen. Grapevine, stick, or moss wreath forms, driftwood, or even beach grass may look more appropriate with sea-themed items. You can always add small sprigs of greenery if necessary. This ocean wreath uses glass holiday ornaments on a grapevine wreath with shells and netting.

Fall and Thanksgiving wreaths

Using orange and blue, green and brown, or green and orange can make the traditional colors of fall and Thanksgiving work with a sea theme. If you want to use white or sandy colors, consider small white pumpkins or a burlap ribbon background. See the sea themed version of this fall wreath.  

Go for a color change

Blue and white or blue and silver can be a good color scheme for holiday decorations and it works well with a sea theme. See this holiday ball and sea shell wreath. You can also go for subtle color by selecting greenery with a natural bluish or silvery tint, although you may need to go artificial. If you don’t find what you want, a little paint can achieve a similar result.

If you prefer more traditional holiday colors, your beach or nautical theme elements don’t have to stay in their natural or usual colors. A little paint can be applied to shells, seaweed or other items to get the look you want.

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