Prepare Your Jet Ski For Its First Splash

June 25, 2015

The water is starting to look awfully inviting on Nantucket Island. Now that we are beginning to usher in the summer months, we are anticipating seeing plenty of jet skis on the water in the coming days. If you are an avid jet ski fan, or someone who is looking try it out for the first time, we have the tips you'll need to make your ride seaworthy before its first splash.

Clean The Vehicle

A jet ski that has been sitting all winter long is sure to have some cobwebs and debris on it. We suggest cleaning off your jet ski and giving it a good washing. Not only will this get all the dirt and grime off of it, but it'll also make it easier to see what is really going on with the vehicle. Once you've given your water warrior a good cleaning, you'll want to move onto general maintenance. Pay special attention to the tailpipe while cleaning, ensuring it is completely clear.

Check The Mechanics

Before you hit the water, make sure everything is in working order. After all, you'd rather know there’s a problem before you get to the water than be disappointed once you get your craft into the sea. Check all of the lines on the jet ski, running your hand across them. This will help you notice any cracks. Lines can crack from the cold, so this should be your first checking point.

After that's done, experts suggest taking a look at the spark plugs and carburetor. Spark plugs can rust pretty quickly, so you might need to change them. If there is any rust, do a quick swap for some new parts. Check the carburetor to ensure there is no dust or debris in it. Clean and remove any particles you find before putting everything back in place.

Gas It Up

Once you've gone over the mechanics, empty out any remaining fuel and fill the tank with new fuel. Experts suggest running the engine to dislodge any clogs and to clear out any remaining old fuel. Running the engine for a few minutes will also warm everything up, and ensure the entire device is up to summer standards. Once you are done with this, it is time to get on the water and enjoy your summer!

If you’re in need of storage for your jet ski, or any other equipment, after the season’s over, call the professionals at Nantucket Storage Center. We'll be happy to help you find a storage solution that fits your needs, so you'll never have to worry about the safety of your property when you aren't soaking up the summer sun on the island.


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