Nantucket's Scalloper's Ball: A Good Time For A Good Cause

September 28, 2015

When it comes to scallops, nobody does it better than Nantucket Island. Considered a delicacy the world over, the Nantucket bay scallop is a must-have for seafood lovers. But it's more than their distinctive flavor. Keeping Nantucket's harbors inhabitable – and free from excessive water contamination – for these little mollusks is vitally important to the local economy.

That's where the annual Scalloper's Ball comes in. Held every fall, this is one of Nantucket's most important fundraisers, with proceeds aiding the Nantucket Shellfish Association – a nonprofit whose goal is to save the island's declining shellfishing industry.

The 2015 Scalloper's Ball will be Oct. 2 at the Nantucket Yacht Club. The event is open to the public, but you're urged to buy tickets well in advance before they sell out.

What Is The Scalloper's Ball All About?

Sponsored by the National Shellfish Association, the Scalloper's Ball celebrates the start of the scalloping season in grand style. Besides good cheer and company, events include a silent auction, music, dancing and, of course, delicious seafood provided by local fisheries. This year's event runs from 6:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Where Can I Get Tickets?

You can buy tickets at Mitchell's Book Corner, Brant Point Marine and Island Cashmere.

What Does The Nantucket Shellfish Association Do?

In 2012, the NSA developed a Shellfish Management Plan with research at its core. Their goal is to restore and maintain a scallop population that was once much more robust. It's in place to prevent the devastation of the bay scallop fishery, and with the support of the community through events like the Scalloper's Ball, its work can continue.

Why Is Nantucket Known For Its Scallops?

Nantucket provides the ideal environment for scallops to thrive. The cold waters of the Atlantic combined with eelgrass habitats produce bay scallops that are small in size, but incredibly rich in taste.

Once you're done visiting the island and enjoying the start of scallop season, stop by the Nantucket Storage Center to pack away your belongings and gear until your next visit.


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