Nantucket Project Brings Great Minds To Island

September 21, 2015

In its 5th year, The Nantucket Project brings some of the greatest business and leadership minds in the nation to Nantucket Island for a pow-wow of sorts. Leaders across multiple industries will share their stories, their ideas, and their unique moments of learning and development during their career for a captivated audience. Beginning Sept. 24 and culminating on Sept. 27, this multi-day event will leave you asking some big questions and changing the ways you view the world.

What Is The Nantucket Project?

Five years ago a media company called The Nantucket Project set out to create a conference unlike any other in the world. The goal was to pull together speakers and industries leaders from across the country to share ideas and their own experience in an attempt to broaden the horizons of all those involved. The conference has done just that year after year, pulling in big names across a plethora of industries. The Project has garnered speakers from government, education, biotechnology, mass media, advertising and information technology, just to name a few. Each presenter has his or her own story, and each is a truly unique tale.

The Schedule

The 2015 Nantucket Project kicks off Sept. 24 with the Art of Commerce, a meeting with some of the biggest names and greatest minds in the finance industry. The event is perfect for anyone interested in how the  finance sector ticks and trickles down to affect all other avenues of business.

From Sept. 25-27, multiple speakers will take the stage at The White Elephant to share their experiences in panel, and individual discussion formats. Some of the presenters who will be attending include Jane McGonigal, Dr. Benjamin Carson, Ramez Naam, Richard Saul Wurman, and numerous others.

Most prominent, McGonigal is a Ph.D, a bestselling author, and a game developer who has worked with some major companies to develop games that truly help the world. Carson is a pediatric neurosurgeon who climbed out of poverty to attend Yale University, The University of Michigan Medical School and became the youngest major division director in Johns Hopkins Hospital history.

Each speaker has their own story, so listen closely to learn not only how business works, but how the human spirit can rise and conquer.  


In an attempt to keep each presentation small and intimate, attendance to The Nantucket Project is limited. Tickets can be purchased online for a limited time only. All activities will take place at The White Elephant Hotel.  

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