Nantucket Island-It's Not Just A Summer Desination

November 25, 2015

Situated 30 miles off the coast of Massachusetts, Nantucket Island is primarily a “summer colony,” due to the large number of tourists and seasonal residents who come here during the warmer months. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy visiting this island during the off-season, though. There are plenty of fun things to see and do here year round.

Cisco Brewers

One of the most popular destinations for locals, Cisco Brewers is a hub of activity all year long. In addition to providing tours, there are also food trucks and live music for you to enjoy. The brewery is also a popular place for people to hang out and play games whenever the temperatures outside are a little cooler. The facility is bicycle friendly, and pets are permitted on the grounds.


Just because tourist season is over doesn’t mean you can’t do some shopping in downtown Nantucket. Many of the shops remain open year round, and offer discounted merchandise to anyone willing to brave the elements and walk the cobblestone streets. You can find some interesting treasures here during the off-season, not to mention the fact that simply strolling the sidewalks can be peaceful and relaxing in itself.


Nantucket Island is the perfect place to enjoy a bike tour in order to see some of the most popular sites such as the Old Mill, bird sanctuary, and Brant Point Lighthouse. Biking along the beach is also much easier to do during the off-season because there are fewer tourists to contend with. In autumn, the magnificent foliage makes for a scenic ride that won’t soon be forgotten. A winter ride will introduce you to new species of birds, while a spring ride will allow you to witness the island coming to life again after a long, sleepy winter.

Holiday Celebrations

There’s no better place than Nantucket Island for a traditional holiday celebration. A local tradition involves enjoying an authentic Thanksgiving feast at a local restaurant, followed by a “turkey plunge” into the frigid waters of the Nantucket Harbor. Nantucket Noel is observed in December, and includes the annual Christmas stroll weekend, complete with carolers and special holiday-themed events at local shops and restaurants.

Perhaps you’re a summer resident who likes to occasionally come back for a brief visit during the offseason. If so, you’ll need a place to store your belongings when you’re not here, which is where Nantucket Storage Center comes in. Contact us today to find out how we can help you handle seasonal storage issues.


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