Laugh For A Cause: Enjoy The 8th Annual Nantucket Comedy Festival

July 14, 2015

Laughter is a powerful thing. It's been said laughter is good for the soul, able to lift your spirits when you're feeling run down. Lucky for you, the 8th Annual Nantucket Comedy Festival will deliver four full days of guffaws, giggles and gut-busting bursts between July 15-18.

What's The Nantucket Comedy Festival?

What do you get when you combine some of the funniest comedians in the country, a bunch of kids who've been studying the art of stand-up comedy and a wonderful cause? The Nantucket Comedy Festival, a fundraiser for Stand Up & Learn.

Stand Up & Learn takes high school students and teaches them to write, think critically, live with confidence – and crack jokes. In other words, the program builds kids' confidence by teaching them how to be funny.

During the festival, the funny students unleash their stand-up acts on stage. You get the chance to watch some of the funniest comics on the circuit – including Lucas Bohn and Caroline Rhea, who starred on "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" as well as "The Caroline Rhea Show."   

How To Go

Pick up a patron pass. You'll get VIP access to every show, entry to the Women show, Coffee & Comedy and Writers' Room Q&A, and cocktails. You'll also receive a ticket for the Stand Up & Learn Benefit Dinner, which includes a private dinner and conversation with the recipient of the Man From Nantucket Award.

The fun starts Wednesday with the Stand Up & Learn Kids' Performance. Thursday features a family show and women's night. Friday gets the weekend kick-started with coffee and comedy, Caroline Rhea and the dinner (featuring the Farrelly Brothers). And Saturday has a whole lot more. Get the whole schedule.

So, if you like laughs, spending time with intelligent, humorous people, cocktails and supporting kids, you'll enjoy the Nantucket Comedy Festival. Nantucket Storage Center hopes you’ll support this great cause.


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