Labor Day Sees Summer Off

September 1, 2015

Labor Day weekend may be the last time that the flag flies high, the tables are covered with a summer buffet and friends and family carry suitcases packed with bathing suits to the island. Everything from cycling to dining out for dinner to stopping at sunset for a cranberry ice cream cone comes to a close. Whether you are part of the "Nantucket Shuffle" or you’re a summer resident, Labor Day weekend means packing up the joys of summer.

What Is The Nantucket Shuffle?

Way back in the days of Herman Melville, Nantucket was known as the place for New Englanders to go in order to secure a position on a whaling ship. From the lost man looking for direction to the skilled and feared harpooners, this is spot which launched a thousand ships. As sperm oil fell out of fashion and electricity took over, Nantucket changed.

Much of the history of "The Grey Lady" is preserved thanks to the Nantucket Historic District Commission. This group controls the look and feel of the area down to the white shutters and cobblestone streets. Much of the area has been purchased and kept so that it cannot be developed.

The preservation of Nantucket puts a hold on housing. In the summer, many residents know that they can fetch a pretty penny renting out their big house or tiny salt box. Some people only come here between Memorial Day and Labor Day and rent the rest of the year. The Nantucket Shuffle is the shift from summer residents to fall and winter mainstays.

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end of summer. You should be enjoying your time with friends and family before it is time to get back to the fall grindstone. However, one of the things that must get done is packing up the house. If you are summer renter, this means getting all of your items out of the homeowners way. If you’re a summer resident, but are not living in Nantucket during the colder months, it is time to remove your items and perhaps rent out your home.

How Do I Ease Moving Stress?

To ease shuffle stress, it is helpful to have somewhere on the island to keep your things. Making trips back and forth to the mainland is not a good time. At Nantucket Storage Center you can house everything from fishing equipment to summer clothes and furniture. Clean everything, pack it away and it will be all ready for you when Memorial Day hits and you return to the Grey Lady. For all your storage needs, contact our team at Nantucket Storage Center today!


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