How To Store Your Fishing Gear

September 11, 2015

For many, the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is spent on the beach or in a boat, with the sun in their hair and their lines in the water. On Nantucket, we have a rich history of men and women taking to the sea to find everything from the great white whale to the perfect clams for a rich chowder. At the end of the season, the weather turns and it is time to head back to work. As a summer fisherman on Nantucket, the big quandary you will face is how to properly store your equipment until the temperature rises once again.

Don’t Lug Your Fishing Gear Back To The Mainland

The first question is what to do with all the gear? You could lug everything back, over the ferry, to the mainland, stuff it in your car and try making the trip back home. However, do you really have the space? As anyone who’s spent time out on the water will tell you, there are many tools and gear that make fishing go smoothly. These little things add up.

Make it easier on yourself and leave your items on the island. Rods, poles, reels and tackle boxes can be put into storage for the winter. Everything will be safe and sound when you find a security monitored, climate controlled space.

How To Store Fishing Rods

The rods that you use for fishing are perhaps the number one item you worry about. These are long, fragile and can get easily tangled up with each other. Before storing a rod, clean it and look for any scratches or nicks. If there is an issue, fix or replace the offending part. If everything is OK, place the rod in a sleeve and store it upright. It is important to house rods in a climate controlled space as temperature changes and humidity can weaken them.

How To Prepare Reels For Storage

Reels should be taken apart and cleaned thoroughly. Once everything has dried, grease all the moving parts so they don’t freeze up over the winter. If you’ve removed the fly line from the reel, wait until next season to re-spool.

Should I Leave My Tackle Box In Storage?

A tackle box will be just fine all winter in a climate controlled space. Be sure it’s organized before you go, so when next Memorial Day rolls around, you’ll be ready to hit the water.

To find the perfect place to store your fishing gear on Nantucket Island, contact our team at Nantucket Storage Center today.



photo credit: Fishing lures via photopin (license)

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