How To Keep Your Home Clean This Winter

December 17, 2015

With the days turning quickly to night, along with cooler weather, families tend to spend more time indoors. Extra traffic inside the home leads to more clutter, germs and dirt. Keep your home clean this winter by following these house-cleaning tips.


Homes tend to get extremely dusty during the winter, because the air is dryer and warmer than it is during other seasons. To help keep the buildup of dust manageable, dust your home’s surfaces from top to bottom. Don’t neglect cleaning the tops of your windows, book collections, ceiling fans, and even the ceiling. Dust collects easily to light fixtures as well, which makes your lights look faded, so make sure to give those a good dusting as well. Dusting often will also help reduce the amount of allergens and germs floating around your home, as well as help your furnace run more smoothly.


While dusting your home, you need to change your furnace filter once every month. Not only will it keep your house clean and less stuffy, but it will also help you to be more energy efficient. Along with changing your filter, don’t overlook the actual furnace. If it has a coating of grime and dust, make sure to clean and vacuum around it.


If you enjoy lighting your fireplace, or even just a few candles around your house during the winter, your windows will begin to collect film of soot on them, which can block out the warmth and light of the sun. Make sure to clean them often with window cleaner, or even a vinegar and water mixture.

Carpet and Floors

Once you’ve dusted the house and cleaned the ceilings, take the time to scrub your floors and steam clean your carpet. Carpet cleaners can be rented at many different locations, including grocery stores, and it’s worth the cost. Not only will the cleaners get rid of winter’s salt and grime from every single fiber in the carpet, but it will also leave your house smelling clean and fresh.

Once your floors are clean, make sure to encourage your family to leave their shoes at the door, or in a special box to keep water and dirt from tracking onto your clean floors. You also should keep in mind not to neglect keeping your carpet clean by running the vacuum over it often.

When you bring out all of the things you need for winter, you may find that you are running out of room for your other seasonal items. If you’d like to store your seasonal clothes, décor, and other things somewhere other than your home, Nantucket Storage Center can help.


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