Celebrate The Sea At The Nantucket Maritime Festival

September 15, 2015

While some may think that Nantucket slows down after Labor Day, many locals know better. Yes, on our tiny island we go through a shuffle of sorts. Some stores close, friends come back from renting out their home all summer and there is less of a hustle and bustle. However, there are still plenty of things to keep us locals entertained. One Nantucket tradition everyone should plan to attend is the annual Nantucket Maritime Festival.

A Seafaring Tradition

Hosting this great festival is the Egan Maritime Institute. The EMI is a family run organization that strives to bring to light the rich seafaring history of Nantucket. Started by Albert F. Egan Jr. and his wife Dorothy H. Egan in 1989, the EMI began based solely off of family maritime antiques. Today, the foundation works with on-island and off-island organizations to plan many great seasonal events.

2015 Nantucket Maritime Festival

This year's Maritime Festival will take place Sept. 19. This is the day to pack the kids into the car or get them on their bikes, and make your way over to Children's Beach and Branch Point Lighthouse. Last year, this was a great spot for kids of all ages to learn more about our ties to King Triton.

The 2015 Nantucket Maritime Festival will feature great free activities for the family. Last year there were boat races and paddle boarding activities in the water and musical entertainment and a kids tent for those relaxing on land. One event that is not to be missed is the shucking contest. As we Nantucketers know, you have to be adept at cracking open a clam. Are you the best on the island?

Bring The Tradition To Life

Nantucket has become a beacon for sea life thanks to those that live and work here. There is something about the sea air that really brings everyone together. If you have a background connected to the sea, consider becoming involved in the Nantucket Maritime Festival. The volunteers help this event come to life. With opportunities in every facet from cleaning to helping in the kids tent, there is a spot for deck hands.

Whether you have just come back for the season, are planning to set sail any day now, or are simply shuffling around summer and fall gear, contact our team at Nantucket Storage Center. We give you a little bit more space when living right by the sea.


photo credit: The Great Point lighthouse via photopin (license)

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