Catch The Hinckley Yacht Owners’ Rendezvous

July 22, 2015

Nantucket is home to some truly beautiful boats and summer brings in even more amazing vessels. July 23 through 25 this year is all about the Hinckley Company and their elegant craftsmanship. The Hinckley Yacht Owners’ Rendezvous is in its seventh year.

History Of The Event

Starting in 2008, the Hinckley Company has gathered just after race week in Nantucket to show off what Hinckley boats are truly made of. The first year, an impromptu gathering, focused on getting Hinckley owners together on Nantucket. Since then it has grown exponentially into a several day event complete with speakers, dinners and other events intended for owners of Hinckley boats.

2015 Events

2015's Hinckley Owners Annual Nantucket Rendezvous starts Thursday and caps off a spectacular weekend on Saturday evening.

Hinckley does a good job at keeping the event details top secret; the point isn't to know what is going to happen, but to just show up and enjoy the company of like-minded Hinckley owners. 2014's event brought out 66 boat owners and 27 boats, special events, prizes and a myriad of surprises.

You can expect more of the same, and some dazzling extras come July 23. So if you’re a Hinckley owner, book your slip today, and if you're not, come down to the Boat Basin and check out the amazing yachts anyway. You might just fall in love with a Hinckley and decide to join this amazing group of owners next year.

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