7 Sea-Themed Christmas Crafts For Kids

December 15, 2015

Kids love to do craft projects, especially when they relate to special holiday celebrations like Christmas. Sea-themed Christmas décor may not be the most popular, but it makes perfect sense in coastal areas like Nantucket where the beach is such a big part of life and local culture. Here are a few craft ideas with Christmas fun and seaside flair.

Tree Ornaments

Kids love to make ornaments for the tree. A well-planned ornament-making session can keep them busy for an large amount of time.

Dough ornaments - Mix up one of the many salt dough recipes on the internet or use commercially available air dry clay like Model Magic. Have kids use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of the dough and use seashells or sea themed stamps to make an imprint. Poke a hole for a hanging ribbon. Decorate with paint.

Seashell Angel - Triangular-shaped shells can be glued together to make an angel. For a little more challenge, try this one that also uses shells for the wings.

Filled ornaments - Craft stores sell clear ornaments that open at the top or come apart in halves that can be filled with a variety of sea-themed items. Fill it with sea glass or try this Seashell Filled Ornament. Older kids could try this Sailboat Ornament.

Family Fun

If you’re looking for something crafty the whole family can enjoy, try this twist on a holiday favorite — the gingerbread sand castle. It uses a blonde gingerbread recipe, so it’s more of a sandy color. This one uses brown sugar cubes and mints to decorate, but you could easily substitute your favorite candies. For little kids with less patience, a graham cracker or cardboard version may be more appropriate.

Other Ideas

Sand Clay Handprint Keepsake or Sand Clay Seashell Ornament - These would make nice ornaments or a nice addition to someone’s desk or shelf.

Driftwood Tree - You could do the freestanding version or the wall art version. Make the driftwood into the shape of a tree and decorate with shells.

Lighthouses - Candles and luminaries are popular decorations at Christmas. Make a few of these lighthouses with floral foam and LED tea lights and you have some sea theme luminaries to add to a vignette or mantel. They are easy enough for older kids, and could easily be made to look wintery or decorate using Christmas colors.

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