5 Nantucket-Themed Christmas Gifts

December 10, 2015

Beautiful Nantucket Island offers visitors no shortage of options for Christmas gift ideas. Following are just a few Nantucket possibilities you might want to consider for family and friends on your Christmas list this year.

1. Nantucket Lightship Baskets

Nantucket Lightship Baskets are not only beautiful, useful, and collectible, they increase in value with age. Baskets should be treasured as a family heirloom and proudly passed on to each generation. Lightship Baskets originated on Nantucket Island’s South Shoal lightship during the nineteenth century when the captain and crew began basket weaving to pass the time while at sea. They are an emblem of Nantucket Island.

2. Nantucket Looms Handwovens

Nantucket Island has a local weaving studio on Main Street, where local artisans have been weaving blankets, throws, apparels, and table lines from the finest all-natural fibers since 1968. Customers are able to select their own colors for personal, one-of-a-kind gifts. For Christmas, consider a cashmere scarf for your loved one. Or perhaps you are looking for a baby blanket? These handwoven items are beautiful, unique and will be treasured for years.

3. Nantucket Chocolatier's Artisan Confections

Sweet Inspirations Chocolate Shop in Nantucket is a landmark and destination for locals and travelers. The Chocolate Shop has showcased Nantucket Chocolatier’s Artisan Confections since 1981. They have long been award winners, designated for Oprah’s Favorite Gift Show, and won the Cape Cod Times First Place Chocolatier, and the Inquirer & Mirror Best of Nantucket Awards. Great Christmas gift for anyone with a sweet tooth.

4. Will Poole’s Island by Tim Weed

For book lovers, Will Poole’s Island explores the early colonial days of the seventeenth century. Rebelling against the strictures of his own society, Poole sets forth on a journey in pursuit of an island. While not Will Poole’s Island, there are two lengthy stays on Nantucket Island in the novel. According to Kirkus Reviews, the novel is, “Immersive … This riveting portrayal of early Colonial New England shines a speculative but compelling light on the time and place.”

5. A Toy Boat

Located on the Nantucket Island docks for nearly 30 years, is a small independent toy store, The Toy Boat. A visit to Nantucket Island would not be complete without some time spent on the water in a boat. There are whale watching excursion boats, charter fishing boats, smaller motor boats, and kayaks. In 1990, The Toy Boat created the Harbor Series, handmade toy boats designed to represent the special boats of Nantucket Harbor. The boat series has since become classic as a symbol of both the toy store and Nantucket Island.

After shopping for your Christmas gifts, Nantucket Storage Center, can help with your packaging and storage needs. Happy Holidays!


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