Mobile Self Storage Units Offer The Most Options For Your Next Move

April 9, 2013

If you’ve ever moved, you know firsthand it’s not the most pleasurable experience.  If you’re thinking about moving again, you’re probably wishing for a less back-breaking process.  During your next move, you might want to consider using a mobile self storage unit to make the relocation less of a pain.  These units offer the most options for your next move and they are the most flexible storage unit around. 

How Does A Mobile Self Storage Unit Work?

Mobile self storage units are delivered right to your home or business, and you can load them up as fast or as slow as you want.  Most mobile self storage units are relatively small, the average about 5x8x8, so they may not be ideal for very large items, such as the family camper or three bedrooms worth of furnishings.  However, mobile units are perfect for a few pieces of furniture, filing cabinets and small appliances.  Some belongings may not be able to immediately fit into your new abode, especially if you are moving from a single-family home to a condo, so mobile self storage units keep your items out of the way, yet readily accessible.

How Do I Pack And Store A Mobile Self Storage Unit?

Because these units are mobile and will be on the back of a truck, it is advisable that you do not pack them with fragile items.  Things may shift around a bit during transit.  Sometimes when you move for work, you might not know exactly where you will be staying when you get to your new city.  With mobile self storage units, you can keep your belongings stored at a facility until you are ready to move to your new place.  With a well packed mobile storage unit, you can rest assured your belongings will be safe and secure for as long as you need them stored.

On the other hand, if you do know where you will be staying, a mobile self storage unit can be delivered to your new address and you can unpack and organize it at your own pace.  A mobile unit will give you the most options and will fit into your own schedule.  Finding a self storage facility in your area that offers mobile self storage units is easy and can be done with a simple web search.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Mobile Self Storage?

One of the main benefits of using a mobile self storage unit is that it can be stored in a climate controlled facility so your sensitive belongings will be sheltered from the weather conditions, such as humidity, temperature, dirt and wind.  This may come in handy if you are storing electronics, furniture or important documents.  

Is There A Self Storage Facility With Mobile Units Available Near Me?

Certainly!  Whether your next move is commercial or residential, you might want to consider using a mobile self storage unit to make your move a little less stressful and much more convenient.  Move It Self Storage – Griffin Parkway in Mission, Texas, is a very reputable facility.  It prides itself on satisfying its customers with affordable payment plans, high-tech security features and friendly customer service.  Contact the facility today and inquire about the mobile self storage units it has available.

photo credit: stan via photopin cc

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