Make It Home Sweet Home In No Time

November 11, 2015

You're finally moved into your new home, even if you're surrounded by boxes. The next step is to settle in, but you may be dealing with the strange sensations of living in place that doesn't quite feel like, well, home.

Certain milestones, like birthdays and holiday decorating, can help make it feel like “your” home, but those might not happen right away. So, to speed up the process, you can try the following these suggestions to help you settle comfortably in your new place.

Recreate The Atmosphere

One way to make it seem like home is to set up familiar sounds and sights, like a cuckoo clock that chimes consistently.

Fill It With People

A big part of being in a house is creating memories that will last a lifetime. There's no better way of doing that than opening your doors to others and establishing it as your unique space. If all you do is sleep there after working all day, those warm memories won't come quite so easily.

Eat In

When you're living among boxes, there's always the temptation to order takeout to make things easier, but a home-cooked meal can make your place feel instantly lived in.

Get Colorful

Take your favorite color and create a room around it. It doesn't have to be overwhelming, but just enough to liven things up and make you feel good. Perhaps it's an extra room without an immediate purpose that looks otherwise mundane.

Keep Your Regular Routine

Make space right away where everyone can put their keys, bags and coats — just as you did at your previous home. Keeping your routine can create a sense of continuity while making your new home a part of your comfort zone. The same goes for closets; don't make your first Monday back to work difficult because you can't find a jacket or sweater.

Get Your Kids Unpacked

Make sure your kids belongings are placed in their new bedrooms immediately. That way they can unpack their favorite items and be happy in their new surroundings.

Make It Smell Good

If you're like a lot of people, creating good, new smells will help the new place feel like home. Light your favorite scented candle.

Get Comfortable

There's nothing like sleeping in your comfortable bed, covered in your favorite sheets and blankets, to help you settle in.

If you’re a military family that has to relocate a lot, we hope these tips help you make each new location home. Contact the people at Move It Self Storage to help you store whatever belongings you can't find space for right away.


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