Is Covered RV Parking Worth It?

October 9, 2015

It’s that time of year again. Vacation and camping season is coming to an end and you’ll need storage for your RV while it’s not in use. You might be wondering if covered RV parking is worth it. The short answer is yes. Here’s why.

Excellent Protection For Your Vehicle

Of course you can store your RV parked in your driveway or on the street if you have the room, but there are several disadvantages to that scenario. Some communities have rules prohibiting this practice. Parking on the street comes with some risks; your RV could get damaged by another vehicle or might be an open target for vandalism.

As an alternative, covered RV parking is available at self storage facilities, which are well lit, fenced in with gated access, and have video surveillance for security. There is also no traffic and employees are at the facility at least during business hours. All those things can reduce the chances of something bad happening to your vehicle, which means your RV is safer in a specified storage area than it is on the street.

Good Compromise

One of the biggest reasons people opt for covered parking to store RVs is that it provides more protection from weather-related damage than just a simple outdoor parking space. Blistering sun, wind, rain, hail, ice and snow can all cause damage to your vehicle and its finish, so giving your investment a little extra protection just makes sense. Covered parking areas are also paved, which means tire damage and damage from dust and dirt are less likely than in an uncovered parking lot. It is also less expensive and easier to find than indoor storage.

Finding The Right Size Space

Although the size of the space is less of an issue with covered parking than it is with indoor storage, some facilities do have different size spaces available. Spaces designed to accommodate RVs usually vary by length so know the dimensions of your RV ahead of time to ensure it will fit.

Finding the best storage for your RV can help make sure it’s ready to go when you are. Move It Self Storage can accommodate your RV, car, boat or other vehicle at a location that’s convenient for you. Contact us today to reserve your space.


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