How To Pack Artwork When Moving

June 30, 2015

No matter what type of artwork you own, you want to make sure that it arrives at your new destination safely. From inspirational posters to expensive oil paintings, packing artwork comes with a set of challenges that you don't encounter with most types of packing. 

Take the time to do it properly so you don't damage any pieces in the process.

Supplies For Pack Artwork

The most important thing you need for packing artwork is sturdy moving boxes. It is ideal to use a box that is slightly larger than the piece of art you're packing so that it fits snugly. Pad the artwork with dunnage to absorb shock inside the box. If you're packing artwork with glass, you'll also need flat cardboard sheets, bubble wrap, and blue painter's tape. Are you planning to store your artwork for an extended period? Consider purchasing glassine interleaving paper. Finally, you'll need packing tape to seal the box and a permanent marker to label it.

Packing Materials To Avoid

Steer clear of any packing materials that may leave stains on canvas or etch glass. For example, newspaper can leave ink on artwork, even when it doesn't get wet. If glassine paper isn't available, don't use wax paper or parchment paper, both of which can etch, scratch, or pit glass. You should also steer clear of packing peanuts for padding. They tend to break down into small pieces, which can get stuck in small spaces, such as in between the frame and the glass. The slightest bit of moisture will also make them very sticky.

How To Protect Artwork With Glass

Use painter's tape to tape an X across the glass. In the event that the glass cracks or breaks during the move, the tape will reduce the risk of the glass shattering or the artwork getting scratched or gouged. Next, fit the cardboard so that the edges rest on the frame as opposed to the canvas or glass. Then wrap the surfaces and edges of the art with bubble wrap.

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