How To Maximize Space In Small Vehicles During A Move

July 31, 2015

Are you using your vehicle to move? If you don't have a lot of stuff, using your vehicle for moving is the smart thing to do. Even if you have movers dealing with the big stuff, you may want to use your vehicle for moving the things that you will need to survive until the moving truck arrives.

Getting Everything To Fit

No matter why you’re using your vehicle for moving, you need to learn how to maximize all the space inside. Here are a few simple things to remember.

  • Don't keep buying things. This is especially true if you are using your vehicle for your entire move. You only have a certain amount of space. Adding more things to the pile will only make things more difficult.

  • Eat all your food, especially the perishables. If you are moving across town, the gallon of milk may survive. If you’re moving across country, it will not. A box with some pasta and a couple of cans is fine. Just don't get much more than two boxes.

  • Clean out the car before packing it. This will keep your personal items from acquiring strange odors or stains. Plus, it will give you more space to fit things in.

  • Minimize the use of boxes. Boxes take up space and are not flexible. When trying to fit as much as possible into your vehicle, you need to have room to wiggle things into nooks and crannies.

  • Use your clothing and towels for packing materials. Bubble wrap and newspaper take up room. Use that space for things you need to take with you.

  • Pack your essential items first. This ensures that if you need to leave anything behind, it is not going to be the things you cannot live without. Plus, you have an incentive to unpack everything when you get to your new home since the essentials will be buried on the bottom.

  • Keep the immediate need items on hand in the passenger seat. Your wallet/purse, snacks, car charger, etc.

  • Pack an overnight bag with toiletries and a few days worth of clothing. That way, you will not have to unpack the dishes just to find some clean underwear. Put it in the floor of the passenger seat.

  • Use every square inch of space. Your glove compartment is good for your important documents. The space under the seat is perfect for rolled up towels or rugs.

  • Balance the weight in the vehicle. It will make the ride smoother.

  • Maintain visibility. Keep the sight line from the rear-view mirror to the rear window clear for safety reasons.

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