How To Keep Pets Away From The Christmas Tree

December 10, 2015

Putting up the Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition, but there is another lesser-known, and lesser-loved, Christmas tradition that happens in pet-loving homes around the country: keeping the puppy away from the tree. If you are the proud owner of a puppy or dog, you have probably invested plenty of man hours into keeping your dog away from the Christmas tree with limited success. Fear not this year, though, we have a few tips and tricks that will keep Fido from the tree, and ensure you can enjoy the holiday season stress-free.

Use A Tactile Deterrent

Dogs are sensitive about their paws, and sensitive about what they are willing to walk on or move around to get to their object of desire. Because of this, many dogs can be kept away from off-limit items by simply putting down a special tape. Sticky Paws is a tape that is often used to stop cats from scratching, but it'll work for dogs, too. The clear, adhesive strips are double-sided, so each side is sticky. To keep the dog from the tree, lay down the Sticky Paws strips around the perimeter of the tree.  

Appeal To Their Sense Of Smell

You can also help your pet avoid the tree by spraying a smell they don't care for on or around the tree. Bitter Apple Spray, for example, is often used to keep pets from chewing on table legs and other furniture. It will work for the Christmas tree, too. You can place the spray around the perimeter of the tree, as well. Your dog's sense of smell will pick up on the offensive odor and keep them at bay. Bitter Apple doesn't smell offensive to human beings, and is almost indistinguishable to the human nose.

Use A Gate

If all else fails, consider putting your Christmas tree in a portion of the house you dog does not have access to, or gate off the area for the time being. Dog gates are an effective way to keep your dog at bay when you aren't home to ensure they stay safe and contained. Gates come in all shapes and sizes. Look for one that's size can be altered to meet your needs, or utilize a gate that is pressure mounted to a doorway to keep the dog out of the room where your tree is placed.

Once the holiday season is over, be sure to pack away your holiday decorations for safe keeping. If you find yourself in need of a unit call the professionals at Move It Self Storage. We'll be happy to help you find a storage solution to meet your needs.


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